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Blindness is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma.


Blindness causes a blanket of black fog that's nearly impossible to see through - the debilitation typically lasts around 15 seconds when on foes, and may last up to a minute if the Arisen is affected.

The GazerGarm and during daytime the swamps of the Miasmic Haunt can inflict Blindness. Goblins sometimes throw a flask that inflicts blindness.

Cured by Eyedropper, Light-Cure, LunanisePanaceaHigh Halidom and any spell or item that grants Impervious.

Blindness can be inflicted with Blinder Arrows, Festival Pies, the spell Blearing, or with Aneled Weapons enhanced to 3 stars or higher. Rarefied Aneled Weapons have enhanced odds of debilitating enemies. Almost all spells cast from an upgraded Aneled Staff or Archistaff can also inflict Blindness.

Depending on how enemies react to blinding can be either helpful or devastating. For example, Goblins become confused while Cyclopes get staggered and then enraged, making the fight more erratic. Cockatrices will tend to hover, flapping their wings, but won't unleash their petrifying breath attack, making the encounter much less dangerous as long as the debilitation is active.


Blindness can affect some creatures in different or odd ways :

  • Blinded Seabirds can still fly.
  • Blinded Spiders can still locate the Arisen.
  • Blinded Wolves sometimes do not recognise they have been tarred (such as with Aneled Weapons) and do not shake the oil off. Being blinded does not seem to affect their ability to locate and attack the Arisen, but they seem to avoid pawns.
  • Blind Harpies will fall out of the sky.
  • Blindness staggers Cyclopes and Gorecyclopes (and enrages them in the process).


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.


Jewelry %
Dragonblood 25
Master Ring 71 to 90%
Preceptor Ring 41 to 60%
Virtuoso Ring 11 to 30%
Sight Earring 60