Blessed Riposte is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Holycounter that persists for a longer period of time and conjures more beams of holy light upon a perfect block."

An advanced version of Holycounter, that lasts twice as long, and conjurs three holy orbs on perfect blocking with reflect core skill.

In Dark Arisen, it becomes Hallowed Feint with a suitable Magick Shieldsman's Band equipped.


  • For notes, tactics, and other details on conjuring and using this class of 'parry' or 'counter' spell with perfect blocks see Mystic Knight Shield Counters.
  • If successive perfect blocks are performed whilst the orb conjured from a previous perfect blocked enchanted shield are still active, the orbs' duration will be extended, though no new orb(s) will be created. The orbs will continue to inflict damage when extended by successive perfect blocks.