Blessed Flower is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A flower consecrated by Quina herself.
It brings joy when gifted to another."

The Blessed Flower is a unique item made by Quina and entrusted to the Arisen during the quest Talent in Bloom. The flower should be presented to a Faith member for examination in order to progress Quina's wish to visit the Grand Cathedral.

When carried in the inventory, the flower grants Weal - after one ingame day the flower will wilt to a useless Dead Flower. While it's in Storage, the amount of time left before it wilts doesn't decrease.

A perfect copy can be forged at The Black Cat for 180,000 Gold.


  • The flower's Weal effect (double Experience Points, Discipline Points and Rift Crystals) stacks with Hard Mode, for a maximum of 4x XP, 4x DCP and 4x RC earnings.
  • The Blessed Flower is susceptible to being spoiled by the poison clouds emitted by Cursed Dragons and Poisoned Undead found in Bitterblack Isle.  Sobering Wine protects the party's status for 90 seconds, including a Blessed Flower carried in the party's inventory.
    • In some rare instances, the Impervious effect may not protect the Blessed Flower from spoiling, especially when the Arisen is too close to the poison blast of a Cursed Dragon.
  • Cannot be combined with an Airtight Flask, or revived with Spring Water therein.
  • The dimming of a Lantern can be used to remind the Arisen to return a Blessed Flower to storage as there will be few more minutes until it wilts, assuming the Lantern was freshly filled and the Flower fresh at the same time.
  • (Exploit) The Blessed Flower's freshness can be eternally prolonged. Under normal circumstances, leaving a Blessed Flower in storage for three full game days (or four rests, for safety's sake) will reset them to their freshest state.
    • Sleeping at Inns can be used to make the time pass quicker.
    • Sets of Blessed Flowers in storage, generally, share the same properties of the least fresh flower in the stack.
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