Bitterblack Weapon Lv.2 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A weapon bearing no maker's mark, cursed with blackest magick."

Can be purified by Olra for a fee of 11,200 Rift Crystals giving one of nineteen weapons.


Found only on Bitterblack Isle, either as a monster drop or chest loot.

May be found pre-Daimon in chests in the Bitterblack Sanctum, The Forgotten Hall, Sparyard of Scant Mercy, The Black Abbey, The Fallen City, or The Bloodless Stockade. Post-Daimon one may be found in chests in the Forsaken Cathedral, Duskmoon Tower, The Bloodless Stockade, The Arisen's Refuge, Tower of Treasons Repaid, and Gutter of Misery.

Dropped by Living Armor, Gorecyclops (Condemned), Eliminator, Cursed Dragon, Firedrake, Frostwyrm, or Thunderwyvern.

Purification results

For details of the factors governing purification results, see Purification.
Red Yellow Blue


  • Whilst the cursed item can be gifted, the purified results cannot.
  • All Bitterblack Weapon Lv.2s have a minimum requirements of level 46. Until this minimum level requirement is met, stamina drain will occur while using basic core attacks and sprinting will drain stamina at a considerably faster rate.

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