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Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A bizarre trinket, beset with a similarly mysterious curse."

These cursed items can be Purified by Olra for 2,600 Rift Crystals.


Found only in Bitterblack Isle. May be found in chests in the Midnight Helix, Rotwood Depository, The Forgotten Hall, Ward of Regret, Warrior's Respite, Sparyard of Scant Mercy, The Fallen City, or the Black Abbey .

Chests where one may be found with a good chance are :

May be obtained from the defeat of Gorecyclops (common), Daimon's second form (10%), Dark Bishop, Death (20%), or the Gazer (rare).

Can be stolen (very rarely) from Prisoner Gorecyclops using Master Thief.

Purification results[]


  • Cursed items can be gifted, the purification results cannot.
  • Cursed items cannot be forged.

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