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For Post Daimon maps please see: Bitterblack Isle Maps (Post Daimon).

This is a map of first run through Bitterblack Isle before defeating Daimon. After defeating Daimon, chests will contain different loot amongst other differences.

These maps show several different items on Bitterblack Isle including Macabre Sculpture locations, Moonbeam Gems, Chests, gather spots and more. Please refer to the map key for more details on symbols and numbers.


  • Maneater spawn locations are they were have been encountered - a maneater may not necessarily appear though.
  • Ore types are not guaranteed, but show the likely type(s).
  • Only Bitterblack Isle exclusive plants are listed.
  • For a more detailed Macabre Sculpture guide see : Macabre Sculpture
  • There might be some errors, and please feel free to correct any you've found.

The Maps[]

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