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Bitterblack Isle Harbor is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

"The air is heavy, and...somehow sad."


Bitterblack Isle Harbor is the landing point at which Arisen from Gransys alight on the Bitterblack Isle.

It is the start point for the mysterious quest given by Olra to any Arisen who will aid her; Olra can be found on the pier in Cassardis at night after completing Call of the Arisen. The Harbor consists of a pier, with a boat which can take the party back to Gransys by talking to Olra, a Riftstone, a Portcrystal ring, a Request Board, and a Resting Bench.

Three paths lead off from the pier - two to each side to initially locked doors, and one main route forward to large double doors leading into the dungeon of the isle.

Within the first room of the insides of Bitterblack Isle Harbor, the Monument of Remembrance can be found - beyond here, doors lead to the Garden of Ignominy.

Olra can be found here. Post-Daimon Barroch can be found here too.

Loot and points of interest[]

Level Points of interest and loot
First Floor

Map Bitterblack Isle 1st.png

The Pier and Harbor, and entrance to the Garden of Ignominy

A Riftstone, Resting Bench, and permanent Portcrystal are located here.

Here are also several ore deposits.

Second Floor

Map Bitterblack Isle 2nd.png

The second floor is normally accessed on the way out having passed through the dangers of the interior of the Isle.

However the upper area (and some of its treasures) can be got to early by exploratious persons - for details see § Accessing Upper Areas

There is also an ore deposit, and a Macabre Sculpture on one of the pillars over the Portcrystal below. Another Macabre Sculpture can be found on the small island to the southeast.

Third Floor

Map Bitterblack Isle - 3rd.png

The third floor is accessible from the second, or from the Sanctum exit.

A minable spot yields Rubicites.

First level underground

Map Bitterblack Isle - 1st under.png

The first level underground contains a small riverlet running crosswise under the interior structure containing the Monument of Remembrance.

The two fish pools here may give Giant Fish.

Bitterblack Sanctum exit

Map Bitterblack Isle - upper.png

Key Map Garden of Ignominy - loot key.png

Notice Board Quests[]

Moon over Bitterblack

The Moon over the peak of Bitterblack Isle, as seen from the pier at the Harbor

  • Visions of the End
Visions of the End I
Visions of the End II
Visions of the End III
  • The Wages of Death
The Wages of Death I
The Wages of Death II
  • In Aid of the Emerald King
In Aid of the Emerald King I (Post-Game)
In Aid of the Emerald King II (Post-Game)
  • Other Quests
A Guiding Light
Eyes of the Deep
Dousing the Blight
Slumbering Promise
The Heart of Darkness (Post-Daimon)

Accessing Upper Areas[]

Generally the upper levels of the harbor are got to by first travelling through the dangers of the interior of the Isle, facing its fiercest creatures, before unlocking the gated door that leads outwards from Bitterblack Sanctum.

To reach the upper areas of the east side there is a roundabout route, starting with a jump to a pillar. (Note the Macabre Sculpture on the small island) The harbor's second Macabre Sculpture is to be found further along the ledge after jumping down to a pillar.

It is possible to gain access to the west side upper levels from the east using various skills: either Levitate; or Sunflare together with Reset. Either will give access to the Second Floor on the west side, from which the upper areas can be explored.

Using Sunflare & Reset, or Levitate one must first climb up the columns on the east side, cross over to the adjacent island, and back over to a narrow ledge. From there a massive running jump plus the chosen skills takes the Arisen to the west side.

With Leaping stone first use it to gain access to the platform with the chest above Olra, and then jumping off the chest itself should give access to the second floor west side. By placing a box on the rocks on the ledge below the Bitterblack Sanctum one last leap can gain access to that place's exit.

Pawn Chatter[]

"It looks a rotten billboard."
"The path ahead is long and hard. Let us rest while we can."
"We had best face the trials ahead well prepared."
"Aiding one another is our only hope in surviving such place."
"I never dreamed the Cassardi sea held such an island."