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Bitterblack Gear Lv.3 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A curious bobble, beset with a similarly peculiar curse."

These cursed objects can be purified by Olra for a fee of 3,000 Rift Crystals to receive either a band that enhances two weapon skills, a ring that boosts Stats, or a ring with a unique effect.


Found only on Bitterblack Isle. Can be found Post-Daimon in chests in the Bitterblack Sanctum, the Ward of Regret, The Warriors' Respite, the Gutter of Misery, the Tower of Treasons Repaid, the Forsaken Cathedral, The Pilgrim's Gauntlet, The Forgotten Hall, The Bloodless Stockade, and the Sparyard of Scant Mercy.

Areas in which it can be found with a reasonable chance are :

It may also be obtained from defeating by Daimon's second form, Death, a Dire Wyrm, Dire Drake, or Dire Wyvern but always uncommonly or rarer. Can also be stolen from Prisoner Gorecyclops using Master Thief, also rarely.

Purification results[]

For an overview, see Purification.
Red Yellow Blue
Assassin's Band
Fighter's Band
Magick Shieldsman's Band
Mystic Knight's Band
Swordsman's Band
Warrior's Band
Daggerist's Band
Magick Archer's Band
Magick Bowman's Band
Ranger's Band
Strider's Band
Mage's Band
Shield Enchanter's Band
Sorcerer's Band
Staff Enchanter's Band
Staff-Bearer's Band
Or either a Bloody Knuckle, Master Ring, Ring of Desiccation, Ring of Perseverance, Stonewall Earring, Vandal's Ring, Wanderlust Ring


  • Master Rings and special rings (e.g. Wanderlust Ring) are common outcomes for all colors.
  • Sometimes, a particular vocation color will yield a Skill Band even though the other two colors yield a common stat ring or special ring for the same Gear Lv.3 piece.
  • The special rings, excluding the Wanderlust Ring, are also obtainable via Request Board Quests or from chests behind Moonbeam Gem doors in Duskmoon Tower.
  • The skill bands can also be obtained by purifying lower level gears.
  • Bitterblack Gear Lv.3 and Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3 are by far the most common cursed item dropped by Death.

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