Bitterblack Armor Lv.2 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Armor bearing no maker's mark, blighted by some infernal device."

Bitterblack Armor can be purified at Olra for a fee of 9,800 Rift Crystals; the result is one of the seventeen armors listed below. Armor results are determined by drop location and the Vocation of Arisen and Main Pawn.


May be found pre-Daimon in chests in the Fortress of Remembrance, Tower of Treasons Repaid, Forsaken Cathedral, Rotwood Depository, The Forgotten Hall, The Bloodless Stockade, Sparyard of Scant Mercy, or The Fallen City.

Post-Daimon may be found in chests in the Forsaken Cathedral, The Bloodless Stockade, Rotunda of Dread, The Black Abbey or The Fallen City.

Droppable by a Gorecyclops (Condemned), Living Armor, Death, or any of the Dragons only found on Bitterblack Isle.

Purification results

For more details of the purificaion process, see Purification.
Red Yellow Blue

Dragonwing Circlet
Dragonwing Gloves
Immortal's Bracers
Immortal's Coat
Immortal's Sabatons
Tormentor's Mask

Dragonwing Boots
Trophy Boots
Trophy Bracers
Trophy Jacket

Adept's Robe
Apostate's Anklet
Bonds of the Dragon

Cursed King's Belt
Delta Guard
Divine Embrace
Sovereign's Mantle


  • The cursed items can be gifted, but once purified gifting is prohibited.
  • Cannot be forged.

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