Bitterblack Armor Lv.1 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Armor bearing no maker's mark, blighted by some infernal device."

Bitterblack Armor can be purified by Olra for 4,200 Rift Crystals.


Bitterblack Isle - monster drop or chest loot.

May be found Pre-Daimon in chest in the Vault of Defiled Truth, Gutter of Misery, Fortress of Remembrance, and Tower of Treasons Repaid.

Post-Daimon may be found in chests in the Rotwood Depository.

Dropped by Garm or Living Armor. Can be stolen from Golden Knights using Master Thief.

Purification results

For an overview of purification and its outcomes, see Purification.
Red Yellow Blue

Assault Boots
Crested Armguards

Adept's Hat
Votary's Robe

Blessed Sleeves
Celestial Armor
Immortal's Helm

Farseer's Cap
Mercenary Slogs

Adept's Mantle
Mistletoe Circlet
Nomad's Cloak
Patterned Gambeson
Silk Tights


  • Cursed items can be gifted, but once purified cannot.
  • Forgery of these items is not possible.

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