In Dragon's Dogma the Bestowal of Spirit is the name given to the process whereby pawns become more like in appearance to their Masters over time.


The concept of Bestowal of Spirit is introduced during Selene's quests - it is a natural process whereby an Arisen's pawn becomes increasingly like the Arisen over time.

The process and name of the term are introduced by the ghost of Sofiah at the end of the quest Witch Hunt. Ultimately the pawn may become fully human by the transfer of the Arisen's soul to the pawn upon their death. On becoming human the pawn's pawnprint will disappear

"...For you see I myself was once Arisen. And this girl Selene...was my pawn. The soul of an Arisen can but affect their follower. Given time, the pawn will assume the Arisen's very form....But see well Selene. See how she resembles me..."


  • Selene becomes fully human after the conclusion of the quest Witch Hunt.
  • The Arisen's Main Pawn becomes human at the conclusion of the quest The Great Hereafter on the death of the Arisen by the Godsbane. They then fall to the shore at the beach at Cassardis to be met by an old friend of the Arisen.
  • The Fool has become increasing like to the Dragonforged - on the death of the Dragonforged the Fool remains at Hillfigure Knoll, though still a pawn, they will then appear to claim to be the Dragonforged, though in a confused manner.


  • The process causes the pawn to become like in appearance and manner, but not in age -Selene is much younger than Sofiah.
  • The process does not have any in game effects on appearance over time of the Main pawn.
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