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Berserkin Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.



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Armor Pieces
Optional or matching pieces

The Beserkin Set is a high quality pinkish female armour set suitable only for magick archers and sorcerors - the two main pieces are the Flame Skirt and the very rare Berserkin.

The set gives fire, holy, dark and lightning protection, and strong resistance against silence, lowered magical attributes and curse.

The Silk Lingerie and Silver Chestplate adds even more resistance to lowered attributes, and are necessary items to properly show off the design of the set. The Frame Plate is a lower quality torso armor that contains elements of the Beserkin, lacking the fabric arms.

In quality the armor is equivalent to a good or fine quality light armor and provides a good boost in Strength and Magick.


  • With the Gleaming Bangles this set gives a +26 Magick boost and +11 Strength
  • In the Dragon's Dogma: Official Design Works (p.265) a combination of Flame Skirt like lower, and Bersekin like upper is shown as the 'Elite Mage Equipment Idea' - however the illustration lacks any of the Frame Plate like elements incorporated into Bersekin. However the Bersekin is also shown as a separate piece (p.267).
  • Some Westron Labrys Bandits (Ola and Cele) wear crimson colored variants of the cloth pieces of this set, but with different belts and metal accessories.

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