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The Berserk Armor Sets are a pair of armor sets derived from armor worn by Guts and Griffith in the manga Berserk.


Dragon's Dogma and the original console releases of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen contain the complete armor sets of the anime and manga Berserk's protagonist Guts (Swordsman Armor Set), and antagonist Griffith (White Hawk Armor Set).

Both armor sets and the character's trademark weapons can be purchased from the travelling salesman Alon, who will permanently set up shop in the Abandoned Mine in The Ancient Quarry after the Arisen completes the quest Of Merchants and Monsters.


  • The sets were made available for players to find throughout the world thanks to a collaboration between Capcom and Berserk Golden Age Arc film.
  • Other locations and characters in the world of Dragon's Dogma draw inspiration from the manga, see also Witch's House and Selene.
  • ps4PS4, xoneXONE, pcPC The sets are not available in these releases of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, due to the expiration of their licensing agreements.