Benita is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A fish seller in Cassardis. She is calm by nature, and a motherly figure to the Arisen."

A resident of Cassardis, she is oft seen around the village center, and inside Benita's House.



  • "Still wand'ring all over the peninsula, are you? You know we've a perfectly good village right here, "Ser Arisen."
  • "Can't claim to really understand it... But if you yearn to see the world, then go. You're young and able - there's no better time for such. Aye, you're woven from the same bolt as our chief. Shouldn't be a surprise, with him whelping you as his own."

  • "Mind you don't push yourself past breaking, all right?"
  • "You've always a home here to rest your head. Even the strongest net needs mending, time to time."
  • "Chief Adaro proved his worth when he whelped you. Look how fine you've turned out to be."
  • "I've not seen Quina in many a day... Some say she left the village to chase after you. I can just imagine that fool girl Quina striking out after you, what with the two of you being raised from cubs together."