Beech Branch is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An extremely stiff wood used in the crafting of bows and arrows."

The Beech Branch is a useful wood, suited to making Blast Arrows - however it is not easy to obtain reliably in quantity.


Beech Branches can be gathered only from certain logs in various Gransys locations - seemingly exclusively from southwest Gransys - that is Verda Woodlands, Vestad Hills, as well as Devilfire Grove and the Witchwood - outside the witchwood they are predominately from areas in which red leaved trees grow.

Additionally Jayce sells very limited quantities in Post-Game.

Gather log locations in southwest Gransys
Southwest gransys Beech B Logs.png


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Item Item Product
Beech Branch + Necrophagous Loin = Blast Arrow x5
Beech Branch + Ember Crystal = Blast Arrow x15
Beech Branch + Flammica = Blast Arrow x5
Beech Branch + Throwblast = Blast Arrow x10
Beech Branch + Cockatrice Beak = Petrifying Arrow x20
Beech Branch + Leaden Globe = Petrifying Arrow x20
Beech Branch + Petrifactor = Petrifying Arrow x10


  • The rarest of branches found in Dragon's Dogma.
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