Beatitude is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Increases the duration of curative magick's effects."


Spell Duration With augment
Anodyne 10s 15s
High Anodyne 10s 15s
Grand Anodyne 15s  ?
Halidom 10s 15s
High Halidom 15s 25s
Jewel of Endurance 10 15
Jewel of Health 10 15
  • Increases the duration of the sigils of curative magick spells (Halidom, Anodyne, Jewel of Health) by 10 seconds.
  • Only affects the duration of the spell sigil, not after effects such as the healing glow experienced after leaving an anodyne orb sigil.
  • Doesn't increase the duration of protective invigorations such as given by the spell Spellscreen.