Beast-Steak is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A hearty helping of beast flesh. Consume it to recover a fair amount of Stamina."

Restores 400 Stamina, but degrades into Sour Beast-Steak after a few days.

Beast-Steaks can be obtained from slaying Oxen or Boars, and can be stolen from Cyclops or Ogres using Master Thief. They are also occasionally found in the kitchens of homes and inns.

Jayce in the Rest Camp in Devilfire Grove sells steaks too.


Component to

Item Item Product
Beast-Steak + Airtight Flask = Kept Beast-Steak

Product of

Item Item Product
Frozen Holy Water + Necrophagous Loin = Beast-Steak x3


  • When Beast-Steaks are properly aged to Sour Beast-Steaks, they can easily sell for five times more (1,500 Gold). It is considered a great way to make money early on.


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