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Beacon is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


A Beacon is an urn found in certain locations on Bitterblack Isle that may be temporarily lit for a fee of 300 Rift Crystals. Once lit, a beacon will cast Holy Furor for a short time; once lit is also functions as a light source, when leaving the area and resting a few days, the beacon will have to be lit again. These should not confused with similar looking lamps found in The Catacombs, which can be lit for no fee but provide only local illumination.


Pawn Chatter[]

"Let us light this beacon, if just for the present."
"'Tis an unlit beacon. Seems it requires rift crystals to light. Perhaps it could weaken foes in the area with its holy light."


  • It may be advisable for the Arisen to summon their pawns (using the 'Come' command) before lighting a Beacon, in order to lure enemies into range of the Holy Furor spell effect.
  • Arisen who are within the Beacon's light will be spotted by Death, even if they or their pawns aren't using Lanterns.
  • Mystic Knights: a Beacon will fire a Ruinous Sigil, enabling an independent turret of bolts if a trap (consisting of a Ruinous Sigil and Great Cannon sigils) is set prior to lighting the Beacon. This is extremely effective when used on Living Armor.