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Barten is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"Cassardis's resident master shipwright. He isn't much of a talker and mainly uses his voice to lecture his disciple Elonzo."

He lives in a small Fisherman's House off the main street, opposite Elvar's house and backing onto the house occupied by Fredro and Elonzo.

He may often be found in the house damaged by the dragon, with Elonzo, undertaking repairs.



  • "I'm not blaming you, mind... But Elonzo's grown timid since that day on the shore. Skittish, even. He has not done a bit of decent work since. Elonzo showed real promise as a shipwright, afore the dragon came.
  • "You will not see the likes of Elonzo following after you. Not just Elonzo, mind, and I'll not call the boy craven. Most folk just don't have it in them to strike off on a journey like yourself."
  • "You are a strange one, true enough. Might be that's why they all call you the Arisen."