Banker's Periapt is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A charm said to make princes of paupers. Its use doubles coin earned from slaying foes for a period of time."

Grants Prosperity for five minutes, doubling Gold obtained from killing enemies.

A Banker's Periapt may be found in a chest in the outer area of the Witchwood near the Fog Talisman in a small alcove; one may also be found in Soulflayer Canyon, from a chest in a lower level cave-tunnel inhabited by Goblins. May be found in a chest in The Ancient Quarry.

Additionally they may be bought from Fournival in Gran Soren in Post-Game when his affinity is at a high level, and can be stolen from Bandits or Wandering Pawns using Master Thief.

May be found in two chests in the southernmost room on the second floor of Vault of Defiled Truth in Bitterblack Isle.


2 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Banker's Periapt + Veteran's Periapt = Pilgrim's Charm

Product of

Item Item Product
Electrum + Eldricite = Banker's Periapt
Septiscopic Crystal + Rubicite = Banker's Periapt
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