Bandit's Den is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Dark during much of the day due to its high canyon walls; the bandits hold up in here because it is a defensible bottle-neck location and is a long way from the authorities (and guards) of Gran Soren.

The den is home to a band of bandits, some of the best equipped encountered - one has even become skilled in the magick bow.


  • Seven bandits in the entrance portion of the den; one Ranger, one Strider, one Mage, one Magick Archer, one Fighter, one Mystic Knight, and one Warrior.
  • Seven bandits in narrow portion of the den; two Rangers, one Mage, one Strider or Assassin, one Fighter, and two Warriors.
  • Snow Harpies and a Golem on the way to the top, last portion of the den.
  • Six bandits on top, last portion of the den; four Warriors, one Ranger, and one Magick Archer.



Map No. Loot
Bandits den cropped 1

Font of Fire, Salubrious Brew, Large Coin Pouch

A Book Pile in a small cave due east (requiring a double jump across the canyon) may yield Undead Tactics Vol. 1

2 Seeker Tights, Stone-Moss Poultice, Giant Coin Pouch
3 (Left) Knight's Mantle, Barbed Nails
(Centre) Fiery Talon, Meniscus, Red Leather Armor
(Right) Giant Coin Pouch, Seeker's Token

Ring of Purpure, Barbed Nails

5 Caladbolg, Giant Coin Pouch, Seeker's Token
6 Assassin's Mask, Iron Headgear
7 Argence, Silk, Interventive
All items are relatively common
Other loot

Three Weapon & Armor Piles are to be found here:


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