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Balmy Perfume is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A liquid with a soothing aroma. Apply it to recover a bit of health to the entire party."

Restores 300 Health to the entire group.

May be found in chests, crates, boxes, or sacks in various Gransys locations.

Sold by Madeleine if given a Silver Idol or better in the quest Supplier's Demand (two stocked at a time). 

Sold by Camellia in Post-Game with high Affinity .  

Can be stolen from Salvation Members or from Wandering Pawns using Master Thief.


3 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
Large Nut + Harspud Juice = Balmy Perfume


  • Giving group curatives like to pawns will spare the player the chore of monitoring the party's health. Given the opportunity, pawns will self-maintain both health and status effects. Pawns will automatically and instantly use the appropriate curative when necessary to aid ailing allies; when one of the party receives a fatal or near-fatal blow, pawns will use a group health curative to keep that person alive. This happens in a fraction of a second, significantly faster than a Mage can cast a spell.