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Badge of Vows 99 is a Badge of Vows medal obtained during the From A Different Sky quest of the same number. The badge is the remnant of a former Riftstone, collecting it earns a reward of Rift Crystals.

In the original Dragon's Dogma, Badge of Vows 99 is obtained as part of the From A Different Sky - Part 10 DLC quest pack, in Dark Arisen, the quest is included in the base game.


"A badge that glimmers with a mysterious light. Similar medals can be found scattered around Gransys."

The badge is found in The Ancient Quarry, lodged in a fragile but breakable rock arch in the main chamber. Picking up this item grants a reward of 3 Rift Clusters and 1,000 experience.

This item can be duplicated at The Black Cat for 18,750 Gold.


Since the badge is initially lodged in a rock arch the process of obtaining the badge may depend in whether the arch has been broken.

If in doubt first smash the arch to reveal the badge using attacks that do good Environmental Damage.

If the wall was recently broken the badge should be found on the floor where the rubble landed; however if the arch was broken before seeking the badge it may be found attached to the broken upper rock face.

If the badge is on the floor pick it up to complete the quest. If still in the arch any ranged attack including spells will dislodge it as will many attacks with a shock wave such as Arc of Deliverance, or a spell that can hit aerial foes such as Frigor.


Bov 99

The arch undamaged, the badge on the ground.

  • Single Blast Arrows fired at the location of the badge will dislodge it, but not destroy the rock - the badge falls through a crack in the rock, onto the ground directly beneath the arch, and can be easily picked up. Other actions, including casting lesser spells such as Ingle at the wall will also dislodge the badge.
    • In practice almost any attack aimed in the vicinity of the badge will dislodge it, including shockwaves, lightning strikes, or just firing an arrow at the upper rock arc.
  • If the badge is not found underneath the destroyed arch it will have landed where a piece of broken rock fell. Search the area for it.
    • Equipping Lanterns and the augment Radiance or the spell Magickal Radiance may help.
    • If the badge is too difficult to find, leaving the area and returning should reset its position. Alternatively, save the game before destroying the rock.
  • Badge of Vows 52 and Badge of Vows 53 are also found in the quarry. Badge of Vows 73 is found outside the northern exit.