Badge of Vows 69 is a quest item obtained during the From A Different Sky quest of the same number. The badge is the remnant of a former Riftstone, collecting it earns a reward of Rift Crystals.

In the original Dragon's Dogma, Badge of Vows 69 is obtained as part of the From A Different Sky - Part 7 DLC quest pack, in Dark Arisen, the quest is included in the base game.


"A badge that glimmers with a mysterious light. Similar medals can be found scattered around Gransys."

Found in one of the cells in the Dungeon below the Duke's Demesne.

Picking up this item grants a reward of 1 Rift Cluster and 1,000 experience. This item can be duplicated at The Black Cat for 18,750 Gold.


Head to the Dungeon , and then to the first cell on the right from the Demense stairs. A skeleton key will be required to unlock the cell door

The badge is lying on the floor - pick it up to complete the quest.


  • The Badge of Vows numbers 33, 34, 51, 69, and 77 cannot be obtained after A Warm Welcome due to the inaccessibility of the Duke's Demesne.
  • There is usually a skeleton key available in the chest among the crates just outside the prison.
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