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Badge of Vows 37 is a Badge of Vows medal obtained during the From A Different Sky quest of the same number. The badge is the remnant of a former Riftstone, collecting it earns a reward of Rift Crystals.

In the original Dragon's Dogma, Badge of Vows 37 is obtained as part of the From A Different Sky - Part 4 DLC quest pack, in Dark Arisen, the quest is included in the base game.


"A badge that glimmers with a mysterious light. Similar medals can be found scattered around Gransys."

Found in The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort.

Picking up this item grants a reward of 2 Rift Clusters and 1,000 experience. This item can be duplicated at The Black Cat for 18,750 Gold.


From the pathway leading up to the fort travel left past and not through the main gate to an open area with tents.

Past the row of tents on the left side, at the back of the camping area is a raised platform attached to a short tower. The back of the platform has a short wall, which can be climbed over. The badge lies on the ground behind this short wall:


  • Following the quest marker might be misleading. It might appear that the badge is inside the door depicted in the above illustration.