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Badge of Vows 1 is a Badge of Vows medal obtained during the From A Different Sky quest of the same number. The badge is the remnant of a former Riftstone, collecting it earns a reward of Rift Crystals.

In the original Dragon's Dogma, Badge of Vows 1 is obtained as part of the From A Different Sky - Part 1 DLC quest pack, in Dark Arisen, the quest is included in the base game.


"A badge that glimmers with a mysterious light. Similar medals can be found scattered around Gransys."

The badge is to be found in Cassardis on the roof of a house near to the Village Chapel. Note that this is the same house where Father Clemente's lost scriptures may be found - see the quest Lost Faith.

Completing this quest by picking up this item grants a reward of 1 Rift Cluster and 1,000 experience. This item can be duplicated at The Black Cat for 18,750 Gold.


Take the stairs to the Village Chapel then jump to the roof. Follow the quest marker, noting that the badge is on top of a chimney at a higher elevation than the main roof. Jump up on the elevated structure to find the badge.

Picking up Badge of Vows 1 will complete the quest.