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Avenue of Escape is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The duke's chamberlain requires a reliable escort to accompany His Highness on a practice emergency evacuation from the castle. Safety and discretion are of the highest importance. I trust the Arisen can handle such an important task."

Escort Edmun Dragonsbane to Bloodwater Beach for a reward of 100,000 Gold.


In order to obtain this quest, a high enough affinity with the Duke must be reached. In order to maintain high affinity, do not complete A Warm Welcome otherwise all accumulated goodwill will be erased, instead avoid the meeting with the Duke after defeating the Dragon and jump straight into the Everfall.

Then either by getting into New Game Plus or switching to Hard Mode, the quest will become available at the notice board at the Union Inn after completing Off With Its Head, the moment the Arisen gets into Gran Soren.

For directions and advice for the trip to Bloodwater Beach, see : Escort Quest Walkthroughs.


  • Despite the Duke's famed strength and valor, he can easily be killed by a Drake. Caution should be taken when escorting him.