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Autonomy is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Grants you additional Strength and Defenses when you venture forth alone."

When the Arisen is without any Pawns, character and weapon Strength and Magick are increased, and both physical and magickal damage is reduced by flat number.

From Dragon's Dogma to Dark Arisen the Strength and Magick boosts were reduced from +70% to +20%, and the damage reduction also decreased. However there is greater damage mitigation in Hard Mode.


Region Mode Damage Reduction
Gransys Normal [30] 20
Hard 90
Bitterblack Normal 20
Hard 45
Figures in brackets are the origal values in Dragon's Dogma
For general notes on strength and magick increasing augments, see Damage Increasing Augments.
For more details of augments that mitigate damage, see Damage Reducing Augments.
  • The boost is also applied when all of the Arisen's pawns are incapacitated but not sent back to the Rift, e.g., if a Drake uses Roar to incapacitate all pawns.
  • The Magick and Strength boosts stack multiplicatively with other augments that increase attack power (e.g., Acuity or Clout) .  in Dark Arisen only the total cumulative increase in Strength and/or Magick is capped at +80% total (i.e., 1.8 times).