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Auldring is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

In the world of Dragon's Dogma, Auldring is a city or state on the mainland.


Auldring is the location of the Grand Cathedral, which appears to be the center of knowledge for Gransys' official religion the Faith. There is a Great Library there as well.

Based on its description Auldring is an important city, city-state or state on the mainland.

Several people in Gran Soren have visited Auldring - Brice mentions he encountered a Dragon there.


There are several references to Auldring given both by characters, and in descriptions of some objects.

  • The Conqueror's Mantle is described as having been worn by an "famous hero of Auldring".
  • Based on Brice's description and age a Dragon attacked Auldring in living memory, and therefor after Edmun Dragonsbane encountered with The Dragon.
  • According to Mirabelle, Aelinore's handwoman : "My mistr…er, the Duchess and I are come from Meloire, north in Auldring."
    • This suggests that Auldring is a region that can be said to contain the Duchy of Meloire, making it either a region, kingdom, empire or both.
    • This does not necessarily contradict other statements that Aelinore is "from a people living in the center of the continent" (Design Works, p.52) - since the concept of 'centrality' is broad.

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