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Augments are upgrades that enhance stats, aid performance in battle, or improve movement or other actions.


In Dragon's Dogma Augments are learned as part of the growth of individual vocations together with new Skills - each Augment becomes unlocked at a specific Discipline Level, and requires Discipline Points to learn.

Unlike most skills, once learned, any augment may be used by that person under any vocation. This encourages players to gain experience across various classes.

There are seven Augments for each vocation giving a total of sixty three Augments, with a maximum of six Augments to equip at once.

Dragon's Dogma Augments


Augment Description Rank DP
Fitness Halves the Stamina consumed when you lift objects or grapple-hold opponents. 2 700
Vigilance Increases your maximum HP by 100. 2 700
Egression Facilitates easier escapes from battle.

(Halves the L-stick wiggles needed to free yourself from grabs)

5 2,800

Increases the maximum weight and encumbrance thresholds by 20kg.

5 2,800
Exhilaration When health is critical, strength is increased by 50%.

(35% with Dark Arisen)

7 4,500
Prescience Performing perfect blocks is easier.

(Five more frames in which you can guard)

7 4,500
Vehemence Strength is increased by 10%. 8 6,000


Augment Description Rank DP
Dexterity Enables you to clamber up cliffs and other terrain more quickly. 2 700
Endurance Increases your maximum stamina by 100. 2 700
Damping No recoil after firing your bow. 3 1,300
Eminence Boosts Strength by 30% when jumping. 5 2,200
Grit Halves the recovery time when you run out of Stamina. 5 2,200
Arm-Strength Halves the Stamina consumed when you cling to objects or climb terrain or monsters. 7 4,500
Leg-Strength Renders you one rank lighter for purposes of mobility. 9 7,000


Augment Description Rank DP
Equanimity While your health is critical, Magick is increased by 50%.

(20% with Dark Arisen.)

2 700
Intervention "Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by the Five Archmagicks".

(Description is misleading; prevents the catching fire debilitation only)

2 700
Apotropaism Magick based damage is reduced by 30.

(135 in Hard Mode)

4 1,800
Beatitude Healing Magick such as Halidom or Anodyne lasts 50% longer. 4 1,800
Perpetuation Enchantments last 30% longer. 7 3,500
Attunement Magick Attack is increased by 10%. 9 7,000
Inflection Halves the damage taken while preparing spells.

(This augment is bugged in the 360/PS3 versions of Dark Arisen. PS4/XONE/PC and Switch versions are not affected.)

9 7,000


Augment Description Rank DP
Bastion Mitigates incoming damage by 50 health points.

(225 in Hard Mode)

1 900
Ferocity Increases damage dealt from your Core Skills by 10%. 3 1,300
Audacity Makes you harder to knock off your feet while charging an attack, reduces knockback and stagger accumulation by 15%. 7 4,500
Temerity Halves the damage taken while charging an attack. 7 4,500
Impact Improves your ability to knock down opponents with physical attacks. 8 8,000
Clout Increases Strength by 20%. 9 10,000
Proficiency Reduces the Stamina consumed when you perform a physical weapon-skill by 25%.

(Does not affect bows)

9 10,000


Augment Description Rank DP
Longevity Increases your maximum HP by 100. 2 700
Radiance Causes your lantern to illuminate an area that is 20% wider. 2 700
Efficacy The effect of Health and Stamina restoration items on the user is increased by 20%. 6 3,500
Morbidity Increases cumulative damage to foes you debilitate with non-Archmagick attacks.

(Description is misleading; actually increases the chance to inflict a non-elemental debilitation)

6 3,500
Trajectory Causes your arrows to fly 30% farther. 6 3,500
Precision Keeps your arrows from flying off mark when you loose them whilst in motion.

(Reduces arrow deviation and spread from center when strafing)

8 7,000
Stability Prevents mighty winds from hampering your mobility.

(Only works against wind based buffet attacks)

8 7,000


Augment Description Rank DP
Awareness Reduces incoming magic damage by 50.

(225 in Hard Mode)

1 1,200
Emphasis Increases the ability to knock down an enemy with spells that cause Knockdown. 2 1,200
Suasion Enables you to negotiate higher prices for items and equipment you sell.

(Items are sold for 15% more - stacks with other party members for a max of 74.9% increase in sell price with 4)

2 1,200
Conservation Reduces the Stamina consumed when you perform a magick weapon-skill by 15%.

(No effect on Magick Bows)

7 6,000
Gravitas Makes it difficult for foes to knock you off your feet while you prepare spells.

(Boosts Knockdown resistances during spell incantation)

7 6,000
Acuity Increases Magick Attack by 20% 9 9,000
Articulacy Shortens all spell casting time by 10%.

(Can stack with the Wyrmking's Ring)

9 9,000

Mystic Knight

Augment Description Rank DP
Fortitude Physical damage is reduced by 30.

(135 in Hard Mode)

1 1,200
Adamance Halves the Stamina consumed when you block attacks with your shield. 3 1,800
Periphery Helps keep your footing when you block attacks with your shield.

(Increases Stagger Resistance by 50)

3 1,800
Reinforcement Pawns you revive get a boost of 20 to Defense and Magick Defense for 1 minute. 6 4,000
Retribution Pawns you revive gain 20% greater Strength and Magick for 1 minute. 6 4,000
Restoration Increases the amount of Health restored when reviving pawns from 50% to 75%.

(Can stack with the Wanderlust Ring)

9 7,000
Sanctuary When your Health is critical, Defense and Magick Defense are raised by 50%.

(20% in Dark Arisen)

8 7,000


Augment Description Rank DP
Watchfulness Halves all the damage taken when your blade is sheathed. 1 1,200
Entrancement Increases max stamina by 100 at night. 2 1,200
Sanguinity Increases max health by 100 at night. 3 1,800
Bloodlust At night gain 70% Strength and Magick and reduce Physical and Magick damage is by 30.

(Increased reduction in Hard Mode and reduced to 20% with Dark Arisen)

4 2,400
Preemption Doubles the damage dealt when enemies are not in battle stance.

(Appears to be bugged, granting no effects whatsoever)

6 4,000
Toxicity "Sharply increases the cumulative damage wrought by your poison attacks."

(Description is misleading; actually greatly increases the chance to poison, but poison damage is not increased)

8 7,000
Autonomy When venturing forth alone, gain 70% Strength and Magick and reduce Physical and Magick damage is by 30.

(Increased reduction in Hard Mode and reduced to 20% with Dark Arisen)

9 8,000

Magick Archer

Augment Description Rank DP
Detection Expands one's field of vision, more easily revealing unknown areas of the map.

(Removes more of the fog from the map when exploring an area the first time)

2 1,000
Potential Stamina limit is increased by 100. 2 1,000
Resilience Halves damage done from falling.

(Does not save from fatal falls)

6 4,000
Allure Doubles the increase in your affinity when you give items to non-pawns. 8 7,000
Regeneration Causes your Health to slowly return with the passage of time.

(Heals 1 HP every 3 seconds)

8 7,000
Magnitude Increases the effect when you debilitate adversaries with the Five Archmagicks.

(Description is misleading; only affects spells with debilitation as their primary effect)

9 7,500
Resistance Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by non-Archmagick.

(Description is misleading; actually greatly increases resistance to non-archmagick debilitations)

9 7,500

Dark Arisen Augments

In Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen fourteen Secret Augments were added, obtainable by Purification of cursed Bitterblack Novelties.

Once the scroll is purified it can be read - there are no Discipline Level restrictions on using a scroll, though it still costs Discipline Points to learn the augment.

Augment Description DP
Acquisition Hastens the speed with which you gather and mine items. 2,000
Adhesion Makes it harder for an enemy to throw you off whilst clinging to it. 10,000
Athleticism Reduces Stamina consumed whilst running. 13,000
Conveyance Hastens your movement speed whilst carrying a person or object. 1,700
Facility Hastens the reloading process for ballistae, allowing you to fire bolts more quickly. 3,000
Flow Keeps you from being slowed while fording water or marshland. 4,000
Fortune Increases the likelihood enemies will drop Rift Crystals. 12,000


Raises the threshold for taking damage from falls, allowing you to safely alight from greater heights. 10,000
Mettle Increases the ratio of white, recoverable Health when you take damage. 8,000
Opportunism Augments your Strength whilst you cling to a foe by 20%. 11,000
Predation Slightly restores Health when you deliver the killing blow to a foe. 8,000
Prolongation Makes your lantern oil last longer, greatly extending its duration of use. 7,000
Recuperation Hastens the speed with which you recover lost Health from curative magic and healing springs. 7,000
Tenacity Grants a chance that any attack which would reduce your Health to 0 leaves you with 1 Health instead. 11,000


  • Stat increase from augments are multiplicative. Thus the increase to strength from Vehemence (+10%) and Clout (+20%) is 1.1x1.2 = 1.32 or +32%
  • In Dark Arisen the total increase in strength and/or magic from augments is limited to 80% (i.e., 1.8 times).
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