Arsmith is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Arsmith owns the tavern Arsmith's Alehouse, where many side-quests can be triggered from the billboard. After gathering the required items, the player must return them to Arsmith to complete the quest.

Most of the items he requires are items usually given as rewards from other quests. For example, Maul's Badge of Amity is a required item for one of Arsmith's quests.



  • "My, my! Every bit the arisen, you are. A far cry from the petty frauds the city's seen of late, all scraping for a bit of coin. No, you have the look of someone who can be trusted to see a task through."
  • "Still, some shock, aye? With the dragon about, everyone is bracing for the long fight to come. Were I a bit younger in my years, I'd be out to make a trophy of a fang or two myself. But with you now arrived, it wouldn't do to go stealing your glory, would it?"
  • "Mason? Aye, I know the man... He's at sixes and sevens with that Salvation lot you hear talk of these days, though he's not quick to share the details. There's precious little I can say on it for certain. He brings rumors from the neighboring lands, and I repay him in old war stories. That's all."
  • "Hoy, friend. Idle, are you? Here for a tale from my younger days, perhaps? Truth be told, I was a sellsword in my youth. Stood watch while strongholds and castle walls were built. Lent my greatsword to the great goblin purge of twenty years back, I did. So, what say you, friend? Eager to have me join you on your Wyrm Hunt?"
  • "D'you know of that tunnel, deep in the quarry south of here? It's more a monster's nest than aught else by now, but there was a time it housed a treasure worhty of legends. Least, I seem to recall hearing aught to that effect at some point..."
  • "The sad ruins of a dead castle stand to the west of the southern tip of Gransys. The work of the last dragon, that. Struck fifty years ago, and the land lias barren still. Even the mightiest hold's but a castle in the sand before the dragon, I fear."
  • "Have you seen the tower stands northwest of the shore, friend? Out upon the cape. The Bluemoon Tower, they call it, built by a duke of Gransys generations past to stand as a testament of his power. Now it stands mostly as a home to monsters. The road leading to its base is no better, talk is."


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