"Weapons, armor, skills .. There are endless possibilities."

Arisen and pawns in Dragon's Dogma can equip a wide variety of weapons, armor and clothing, with suitable equipment for every vocation, environment and encounter.

This article lists the matching armor, clothing and item sets that can be found, bought and worn.


A full armor set consists of two items of clothing, upper and lower; armor for the head, upper body, arms, and lower body; plus a cape, and relevant weapons. Almost all clothing and armor items in Dragon's Dogma form some part of a set of matching items; in some cases the set only consists of clothing, or armor, or a partial clothing/armor set; other armor items may be downgraded parts, or elements of a better quality armor, and cost respectively less.

Armor is usually restricted to certain vocations, corresponding to its normal function.  Some wearable items may be restricted by sex; though a matched set looks correct, any combination of allowable armor and clothing can be worn.

Armor sets are often indicated by similarity of names, such as the Chimeric Armor; other sets are not as obvious but can be recognised by similarity of appearance, or by an overall cohesive design when worn together. Generally, all items of a set have the same or complementary secondary properties (e.g., items of the Chimeric set have sleep and/or poison resistance, amongst others). Similarities in secondary properties, or in the raw materials, or other properties described for the armor give clues as to whether it is complementary to another within a set.

Additionally, some weapons and shields have been specially designed to match a specific armor set: for example, the Berserk manga tribute set of Swordsman Armor has an appropriate sword Thousandlimbs; there are other examples, e.g., the Warrior's Hero's Armor matches perfectly in look and function with the longsword Iraklis.

Some armor and clothing sets are supplied as one piece, such as the Nameless Armor or Caretaker's Garb; their individual elements are not available separately, and the set replaces all the wearer's clothing and armor. Weapons and shields are always separate items.

Additionally rings can be worn that usually grant addition protection, or sometimes special skills.  In Dark Arisen two rings can be equipped, in the original version of Dragon's Dogma only one.


Vocations form a spectrum of physical and magickal defense needs from armor - in the sequence: Warrior > Fighter > Mystic Knight > Strider > Assassin > Ranger > Magick Archer > Mage ~ Sorcerer, the properties of the armor generally worn show physical defense decreasing and magickal defense increasing. This is paralleled by a transition from metal to leather and then to cloth as the primary material making up the vocation's armor.

Very Heavy Armors are ideal for Warriors, Heavy Armor for Fighters. Mystic Knights often eschew metal armors for full leather or heavy cloth in order to maximize magick defense; the replacement of metals with lighter, natural materials makes these armors of Medium Weight. Striders and Rangers have similar requirements for Light Armors; they need good mobility but still require physical defense. As Striders primarily fight at closer range than Rangers, their armor requirements are usually a little greater; some medium armors may also meet their needs.

Assassins favor stealth and strong attack over defense.  As such, light/medium armors with good mobility are needed.  Their ideal sets oft completely omit defense on some parts of the body - an Assassin exists to strike others, not be struck. Additionally their armors are usually dark-tinted, giving cover at night.

Magick Archers require armors somewhere between the needs of Striders and Mages: magick use requirements favor armors without iron. Mages and Sorcerers have much the same armor requirements - that is, none - their clothing focuses on protection from weather, Debilitations, and other curse and stifling protections; their armors incorporate charms that enhance the flow of magick.

Armor progression

The Arisen begins the game in traditional Cassardi Fisherman's garb.  Following the Dragon attack, a replacement Plebian set is provided.  These are suitable for simple fisherfolk, but not for adventurers, and fresh Arisen should seek to find more and better equipment at the earliest opportunity. Some early items such as Wooden Bands function primarily on hope.

Surcoat progression

Early, mid and late game surcoat sets

Early game armors and equipment are generally of basic quality, undyed and of the simplest construction, comprised of the most cheap and common material. The Arisen's new pawn will arrive in such a set of equipment after completing the quest Call of the Arisen. Shields and weapons are of wood and iron, cloth will be of the cheapest nature; armor is of leather, or consists of incomplete parts of better sets. Most enemies in the game, excluding Goblins, will be better equipped and protected. Early game armors are usually intended for the three basic vocations.

Mid-game armors are found on general sale at Gran Soren.  Full armor sets become available, as do undergarments that protect from more than just the weather. Sets such as the Iron Armor Set (Fighter), Leather Armor Set (Strider) and Scholar's Set (Mage) are as good as most other people in Gransys have, and if continually upgraded, should serve well in most situations. Weapons are of good quality and some have permanent enchantments. Specialised armors for the advanced vocations become available in the mid-game.

End-game armors are rarer, more expensive and better made than what the majority of the inhabitants of Gransys will ever wear, even the Duke's own guard. They incorporate rare metals and leathers, strange enchantments, and can only be found in the distant dungeons of Gransys, or obtained under special license. An Arisen should hope to have some equipment of this kind before finally facing the Dragon. Armors that are specialized for hybrid vocations appear towards the end game.

Post-game armors can only be obtained after the defeat of the Dragon.  They are found outside the world of Gransys in The Everfall; the armor sets found there are suited to hybrid vocations. The final word is the Abyssinal Armor, which can be only obtained by defeating the greatest of Dragons, and is equipable by all. No better armors exist in Gransys.

In Dark Arisen, even more powerful equipment can be obtained by purifying cursed items found on Bitterblack Isle, completing quests, or purchased from Barroch.


Very Heavy Armor

Full gryphic

Full Gryphic set

Very heavy armor types are suited and designed for use by Warriors. Due to the Warrior's lack of a shield/blocking maneuver, these armors generally have full frontal protection and often fully protect the rear and hands as well. In fitting with its function, heavy armor usually incorporates a large amount of iron or other metal; with metal being unsuited to magical purposes most heavy armors have poor magical resistance, though specific resistance to a particular Archmagick may be imbued in manufacture. A typical very heavy armor is a full plate iron suit, and for ideal protection should be worn with armored undergarments, such as full chain mail, or scale male vest.

  • Bronze Armor Set - a low cost heavy armor that requires full chain undergarments for full protection - initially weak to lightning, and when upgraded resists skill stifling.
  • Chaos Armor Set: a perfect match for the Dragon's Flight war axe like longsword; initially this armor is weak to all archmagicks except Dark.  When upgraded, has strong Dark resistance plus resistance to blindness and petrification.
  • Crimson Armor Set: a red armor in the same design of the Chimeric set.  The spiked warhammer Bloody Thistle is the matching weapon. As with the Chimeric set, the resistances are those to which a Gorechimera might inflict.
  • Grisly Armor Set †: a powerful armor only found in the Everfall, resistant to the debilitations poison, sleep and curse.
  • Gryphic Armor Set: a high quality and expensive armor modeled on the mighty Griffin, with appropriate strong resistances to Lightning, Thundershock and Torpor. The longsword Gryphic Victory should complete the set.
  • Hero's Armor Set: the long sword Iraklis is a perfect match for this set. Good resistance to Holy light, as well as Skill stifling and Cursed.
  • Nameless Armor Set, a Voldoan armor, with average defences, and some Dark resistance, and strong resistances to Blind, Possession, and Curse.
  • Voldoan armor (male only): another Voldoan armor, worn by Julien, of average quality, and resistant to some Lightning with strong resistances to Possession, Poison and Skill Stifling. Threaded Cudgel and Wizard's Vizard are Julien's weapons.
  • Steel Armor Set: similar to the Bronze set plus additional elements, with all aspects of physical defence improved at a cost in weight. Resistances are primarily to Lowered Defense, with no weaknesses. (The magickal Solar Armor uses the same design as the Steel  Cuirass, but has protections little better than the Bronze).
  • Sin Armor Set : Dark Arisen Cursed Armor Set, offering huge debilitations resistance all across the board (most of them reaching 100%), Elemental resistances, strong Defense and Magick Defense. Adding on top of that some Bonus Enhancements, this gives one of the strongest armor in the game.
  • Hellfire Armor Set : Rare Dark Arisen Cursed Armor Set. This armor has the same properties as its little brother, but has superior defenses and resistances. Hard to obtain, but extremely potent to survive Bitterblack Isle's harsh battles.

Heavy Armor


The iconic heavy iron fighter's set.

Heavy armors suit Fighter classes. Like very heavy armors, they give good frontal protection, less so from the rear.  Because Fighters are equipped with a shield on one arm, only one hand requires protection from equipped armor, and this is reflected in the vocation's armor design. To save weight and enhance mobility, full protection may be limited to more sensitive or exposed areas. As with heavier armors, a preponderance of metal in the suit makes for poor magic resistance. Full chain or half-chain undergarments are good choices to complete a heavy armor set. 

  • The basic Barbarian Armor consists of over 95% leather: it is made up of plainly-stitched leathers.  It provides a basic fighter armor with fire and some poison, torpor, and sleep debilitation resistances. The Fur Greaves (or better yet, the Thick Fur Greaves) may be worn for further poison resistance, plus some protection from cold. (For Barbarians 'going commando' or native with the Goblinfolk's Skull Belts, this contains the non-hide parts of the Hide Armor-- elements which contribute much of the magic resistance of the armor-- but little to its defenses.) Appropriate weapons are the Feather-Light Pelta (or similar), and Trusty Sword, both of which are available in fire-enchanted versions. Higher level Barbarian armors combine elements of the Scale Armor Set, with metal armors incorporating horns.
  • Iron Armor Set †  the pink Paladin's Mantle completes this set for a standard fighter armor. This armor gives resistances to both fire and sleep.

Medium Armor

Medium armor can offer the best combination of defense and mobility of all the armor types, with physical resistances as good as some heavy armors. Medium armors may use composites, or non-metallic materials to achieve their defense; the typical low iron content of medium armors gives much better magic resistance than heavier counterparts. These armors are primarily suitable for active dagger users, Mystic Knights and Assassins.

Useful undergarments for a medium armor include reinforced fabrics such as the Gambeson, or the padded jerkins. Jerkins are padded cloth undershirts, often with iron reinforcements; listed in increasing quality, they are Quilted Jerkin, Brigandine Jerkin and the Crimson Jerkin and are suitable for most any melee vocation.

  • The Light Iron Armor Set: this set incorporates borderline light and medium components, mostly o leather reinforced with metal strips such as the Chainmail Skirt and the matching Iron Manicae.  These armors give excellent physical and magickal protection for their weight and cost.
  • Duke's clothing - a heavy well-defended clothing set, with excellent resistance to both holy and dark magic, as well as other debilitations - its high piercing and striking resistances gives it greater protection properties than other armor sets of similar strength.


Royal surcoat set-001

Full Royal Surcoat set

Included here in medium armors are the surcoats - a surcoat can refer to an overcoat for an armor set, designed to offer just weather protection, and carry insignia or other heraldry. More advanced surcoats are heavy fabric coats incorporating other stitched-in armored elements, like a form of scale mail. Surcoats in Dragon's Dogma tend to be of the more advanced type, with basic weather protection offered by capes.

Although they generally have good physical (and magickal) defense, Surcoats are not suitable for the sort of battering a full metal armor can endure - as such, a large shield is the best protection in combination with these armors - and together the surcoats can be considered the basis of specialized Mystic Knight armors. A full set also incorporates hand armors that completely protect the arms and hands, such as the full length Leather Gloves, plus a similarly protective leg armor, such as the Over-Knee Boots. Such sets are generally low in percentage of metal, giving high magic resistance, though finer-made sets may use higher quality metals.

  • Plain Surcoat Set: a base quality set that appears to have been constructed out of household items and fabrics rather than being any sort of proper armor.  The equally "homemade" Wooden Wall completes the set.
  • Royal Surcoat Set: a very high quality set designed for royal guards in a bright deep red.

Scale and Hide Armor


The Scale Armor set, basis of many armors

One alternative source of raw materials for medium armors are the skins of giant beasts, or other high quality leathers.  These can give protection as good as steel, without the negative magickal defensive properties of metal. Generally they are either light or medium armors.

  • Assembled Armor and Clothing Set: the main pieces are constructed from the skin of a giant, a light-weight partial armor set lacking torso and head armors, and resistant to fire, ice and poison.
  • Scale Armor Set: it is not scale mail but literally Hydra scale; the entire set is restricted to those vocations which can wield a sword. Gives resistances to the debilitations a hydra might inflict, plus some lightning resistance. Other beast-based armor pieces complement this set, such as the Cyclops Veil. †
  • Dragon Hide Set ‡ gives resistances to fire, holy, and cursed. Can be combined with the Dragonscale Arm and Red Dragon Scale, and is restricted to the use of Warriors and Mystic Knights.  Its design suggests use by shield users only. The bracers are restricted to bow users only. The Dragonspulse Circlet increases this set's natural resistances.

Light Armor

Leather armor set with cap

One variation of the Leather Armor set

Light armors are the armor of the bow user, giving reasonable protection together with low weight and high mobility. Typical light armors are fashioned from leather pieces and strips, padded fabrics, and involve a lot of stitch work (e.g., Leather Protector or Padded Armor). Alternative forms of light armor are like cut-down versions of half plate, offering metal plate protection to only the most critical areas. (e.g., Weak Guard, or Iron Lorica).  In general, many light armor pieces are a mish-mash of different elements, with a focus on mobility, not overarching design; regardless, some matching sets can be found.

  • Emissary Armor Set : the full set can only be worn by bow and magick bow users - strong lightning, skill stifling and torpor resistance.
  • Golden Lion Set: a high quality armor improving on the "Lion" set, suitable for all bow users, with excellent defences and 100% resistances to skill stifling and petrification.
  • The Leather Armor Set: a good low cost and widely-available matching set for bow and dagger users, with fire and torpor resistance. Various version and upgrades of this basic leather armor can be found or bought.
  • Red Leather Armor Set: a good quality leather armor, improving on the standard leather set, with resistances to fire, lightning and torpor.
  • Shadow Armor Set: Dark Arisen Cursed Armor Set, with balanced Defenses and very good resistances. Bonus Enhancements are also available making this armor set even more versatile.
  • Oblivion Armor Set: Rare Dark Arisen Cursed Armor Set. Very close to the Shadow Armor Set, but with a darker color and slightly different design. Extremely potent, but hard to complete.

Many light armors combine different elements of other armors :

Light armor variants

Four variants of light torso armor, each with commonality with another

  • The Hunter's Jacket body piece contains linked ring reinforcement incorporated into several cloth layers, which forms the basis of a number of improved bow-user torso armors, usually with the addition of bronze shoulder protectors and other elements.
    • "Lion" Armor Set: a high quality armor set with fire, holy, skill stifling and lowered strength resistances.
    • Flutter Padding and Padded Armor add additional lower body protection in metal reinforced strips and cloth layers respectively; the below-waist armor in both adds ice resistance.
  • Archer's Culottes combine elements of Padded Armor and Chestguard.
  • Bronze Lorica uses the lower body elements of the Flutter Padding in reduced form.
  • Leather Jacket uses the shoulder pieces of the Leather Protector, with iron plated protection for the chest.
  • The Chestguard is improved by the addition of the below waist armor of the Leather Protector to make a Weak Guard.
  • The Archer's Culottes combines the chest protector of the Chestguard with the below waste protection of the Padded Armor 
.. and so on

The Loricas increase in quality from the Bronze Lorica to Iron Lorica to the Dark Lorica.

The Hunter's Clothing Set (with potent skill stifling resistance) or Light Chain Clothing Set are suited as undergarments for light armor, amongst many other options.

Bow Users

Bow user's armor is almost always light armor - because release of an arrow requires free hand dexterity, a bow user's arm armor is specialized - it can be of several types:

  1. A cut-down glove freeing one hand to enable agile use of the bow, such as Bandit's Glove, Red Leather Glove, and Black Leather Gloves.
  2. A bracer protecting only the lower arms, for example the Novice's Bracers, Iron Bracers and Burnished Bracers.
  3. A guard that protects only the wrists; they often have good magic protection and are suited for Magick Archers - these included the Bronze Bangles, Jade Bangles and Gleaming Bangles.
  4. A full-arm armor that covers the entire arm, excluding the hands, for example Assembled Sleeves.

For the sets specifically for Magick Archers see § Magick Archer sets.

Assassin Armor

Most assassin-specific armors include dark magic resistance, and are dark in color. Assassin armor pieces are usually light and generally suited to all daggerists, and some items to sword using vocations.

  • Monomi Armor Set : an 'assassin' armor for bow and dagger users, with total resistance to blindness and poison when fully upgraded, weak to the archmagicks except ice.
  • Twilight Armor Set is only found in the Everfall, and is restricted to Assassins and Rangers. Strong dark and dark related resistances - to torpor, blindness and curse. The Marshal's Bracers are a good complement.

Other dark based wearables include Black Gaiters, Denim Hosen, or Evening Tights; Assassin's Breeches, Dark Over-Knee Boots, Dusk Shoes or Gloaming Shoes; Brigandine Jerkin; Assassin's Armguards, Talismanic Beads, Darkened Gloves, Bandit's Glove; Assassin's Mask, Skulker's Mask or Bandit's Mask; and Ebon Neck Wrap - most have blindness resistance as well or sometimes sleep or curse. The underclothes of the Swordsman's Armor are also suited to an assassin, though the rest of the set is specifically restricted from use by the same vocation. The Lamellar Jacket should make a good assassin torso armor, or more generally for any bow class.

Spellcaster Robes and Armor

4 spell-001

Four spellcaster types: (L>R) Sorcerer, Animist, Magician, Monk

Overclothing pieces for spellcasters offer similar protection to heavy work or outdoor wear - they are typical heavy coats, hoods, and leather boots and gloves. Metal is usually avoided - instead the armor may incorporate rare natural products or charms or talismans woven into its fabric to increase magick defense, or protection against debilitations.

In the Dragon's Dogma Official Design works there are several styles of spellcaster robes: the "Missionary Robes" (monk), the "Crimson Robe" series (sorcerer), the "Dalmatica" series (see Magic Archer armors), the "Magician's Surcoat" type (magician), and the Animinstic Robe series (animist).

  • Scholar's Set: a whitish set of spellcaster's garb of reasonable quality with resistances to fire, torpor and most importantly, silence.
  • Wizard's Set †: a dull purplish set, of similar make to the Scholar's set, with non-dark or holy elemental Archmagick resistance and strong resistances to anything that might diminish the wearer's ability to cast magic.
  • The deep red Cardinal Surcoat is the last word in spellcaster's surcoat - it does not have matching items, but the Alchemickal Set improves on the design of the lesser surcoat accessories, and is also predominately red.
  • Grave Armor Set : Dark Arisen Cursed Armor. Very potent for all casters, its only weakness is the lack of petrification resistance. Bonus Enhancements are also available, to fine-tune the armor to its user needs.
  • Carrion Armor Set: Rare Dark Arisen Cursed Armor. More reddish in color, does the same as the Grave Armor Set, but better.
Red spellcaster equipment

Red magician's clothing

Much of the general mage and sorcerer clothing do not form matching sets of any kind. However they do form approximate sets of steadily increasing quality, with some commonality:

There are also tunic-like robes:

Additionally there is a group of similar loose-draped robes in yellow, blue, crimson and cyan which improve thusly: Recluse's Robe < Mummer's WearCrimson Robe < Matte Robe. Items such as the Laurel Circlet, Alchemickal Bangles, the Scale Greaves, and a chestguard are similar.  Overall the set seems suitable to much warmer climes, or for one that dwells in a temple.

There are a wide variety of circlets and bands suited to the magic user - the most potent of which is the Diadem; more weatherproof protective headwear improves in magick defense in the order : Faerie Hood < Verdant Hood < Wizard's Helm < Twilight Hood < Autumn Hood < Archwizard's Helm.

Those interested in becoming or impersonating a Salvation member can choose the Set of Salvation Robes, together with a dark-enchanted weapon such as Stagnant Surge.

Magick Archer sets

Magick Archers in general can wear the widest range of all vocation armors, being able to wear all bow user and most spellcaster wear. A specialized Magic Archer set consists of a spellcaster's upper armor, arm bracers suitable for bow use, plus light weight but partially armored greaves. The sets can usually also be worn by sorcerers seeking additional physical defense.

  • The Novice's Armor Set is a very early Magick Archer set - the complete set only wearable by magic archers - this set barely improves on the standard Cassardian wear. 
  • Raptor Armor Set † - an unusually designed set of items based on the patterns of feathers of birds of prey - suitable for Magick Archers and also wearable by Sorcerers. With modifications, the set can also be worn by Mages.
  • Holy Armor Set - to the design of the Raptor set, but with holy protections - the finest set for the Magick Archer.


General Wear

Hunter&#039;s clothing set

The hunters clothing set

Some clothing and armor items are not best suited to the dangers of the outside world, lacking the protection required for true dangers - they would be suitable for travellers or workers. Though they can be incorporated into armor sets they give little advantage over other item either in terms of defence, or protection from spells, diseases or curses. However they do have a low weight and are inexpensive.

The cloth trousers increase in order: Cotton Hosen < Urban Hosen < Alchemickal Hosen - they are best suited to spellcasters. There are also more durable work trousers, suitable for bow and other melee classes - these increase in durability in the order Denim Hosen ~ Worker's Pants < Laborer's Breeches. An alternative form of leg clothing are wrappings - these improve roughly Leather Bandings < Bandit Stalkers < Iron Bandings (in magic) and Yellow Gaiters < Twisted Leathers < Black Gaiters (in strength). Short trousers include Cassardi Trousers, Short Pants, Fine Cassardi Hosen, and Brown Leathers - all of much the same quality.

Tunics are very simple loose overvests. They improve in the order : Tunic < Cotton Tunic < Forest Tunic.

Other sets include the Set of Lady's Garb, Set of Servant's Garb, Set of Caretaker's Garb and Set of Jester's Motley, and Forest Tunic Set all have defences suitable only for work wear, but are light in weight. The Prisoner's Rags are barely suitable for any purpose.

A number of matching common day underclothes can be obtained, most have limited use, or are easily bettered by more expensive specialized equipment.

Cassardian clothing

Cassardi clothes 2

Cassardi underclothes

See Cassardi armor and clothing

The Cassardi Adventurer's Set consisting of Cassardian work wear has three quarters the defense of half-chain, and a limited amount of fire and poison resistance when upgraded; add a Plebian Shirt from the Plebian Set to better complete the set, as well as some possession resistance. The better made and heavier Fine Cassardi clothing set can replace the undergarments for some additional holy resistance. Add the Farewell Set to fully equip a Cassardian for adventures - these add even more resistance to fire and poison. Also from Cassardis are the Fisherman's Garb - general fisherfolk's wear - the Arisen's Fisherman's tatters damaged by the Dragon is of the same make.

Armored Clothing


Chain mail + Chain coif. The standard against which all other underclothing is measured.

A number of undergarments are armoured themselves.

The "vests" are scale mail upper clothing suited to the most active physical fighters.  Compared to the full chain equivalents they are slightly better armor, though not in magic, with lower weight. Their qualities and weights improve from Faded Vest, to Iron Vest to Silver Vest. Some bandits wear a form of gold scale mail in what is most likely a vain attempt to carry their wealth on their person; such mail has not been seen for sale in Gran Soren. The final word in scale mail is the otherworldly Abyssinal Outfit, which adds better magick resistance at reduced weight.

Chainmail is a fabric made of interlocking metal rings, each smaller than a gold piece - chainmails and related metal ring and thread reinforced clothing form a spectra of armor choices from heavy to light, depending on the extent of use of the armoring material.

  • Full Chain Set: complemented by the optional Chain Coif. For full protection - essential for warrior armors and recommended for fighters. All have an initial minor weakness to lightning, and gain a slight resistance to ice when upgraded.
  • Silver Chain Set: the silver equivalents of the iron full chain; they are slightly better in terms of defenses, heavier and give better resistances - adding holy and curse protection.
  • Partial Chain sets are suitable for all physically-based vocations, especially when reduced weight is required:
    • Half Chain Hosen: similar to full chain clothing, except only the frontal arc is protected.
    • Light Chain Clothing Set: the Braided Hosen and Chainmail Bracers form a pair. Braided Hosen are an improved form of half-chain with better magic resistance and are a good option for medium armor underleggings and unlike most metal-containing armors are usable by Sorcerers and Mages; Chainmail Bracers are of the same design as Braided Hosen. They are marked as suitable for bow users, but also well suited to those who wear heavier armor. Good magick defense and a strength boost make these common items a wise choice.
  • Two good reinforced coats are available, the Riveted Coat and the Trooper Outfit. The Trooper Outfit has almost the same defenses as a the full iron chainmail equivalent, with one fifth the weight, making it an excellent choice for all melee vocations. The Plated Coat takes the armored coat into high quality armors - adding further defense, plus some chain protection. Its weight correspondingly increases a great deal. All are good supplements to the partial upper body protection of the partial plate oft worn by Fighters.

At the lowest end of the scale of armored underclothing as garments such as the Braided Shirt, which is reinforced with iron strands, or the reinforced jerkins (see § Medium armor) - though these are little better than better quality shirts.

Other Armors

Bandit Armors

Male bandits rarely wear expensive armors - some are fond of masks. The face masks increase in defense from Bandit's Mask to Gossip's Mask to Dragonroar. Male bandits also favour hoods such as Guardian's Hood or Incognito Mask. Armor pieces rather than full sets are the norm, bone and animal scale and skin are also favoured over polished steel. When iron is worn, it will often be blackened. Some bandits have acquired high quality pieces such as darkened versions of the Raptor cuisses; these are unavailable for purchase.

The Westron Labrys bandits favor any red armor, including items of the Sultry Set, and the unisex red offensive armor set comprised of the Striker's Greaves (and the cheaper reduced armor version, Iron Boots), which together with Assailant's Bracers give lightning, torpor and lowered strength resistance, plus a strength boost from the full price versions. The Labrys bandits wear some items unavailable to the Arisen.

Goblin armor

Faded Vest plus Skull Belts forms the basis of many a goblin army's armor plans. Goblins may carry a spiked club similar to the mace Thousand Troops, and possibly a Round Shield, but nothing better. Goblins also make use of two Iron Shields as a makeshift armor. Hobgoblins can carry a form of black Cutlass, plus a Pelta, may wear shoulder protection akin to a Feral Cape, as well as faded vest, skull belts, and other scavenged iron armor pieces.

Skeletons and undead †

Skeleton armor often consists of varying quanties of usually iron armor;  any light fabric will have long since rotted away.  Skeleton fighters wear rusted parts approximating to the Heavy Iron Armor Set or similar, such as Iron Cuisses (or Budget Greaves), Steel-Toed Boots, Iron Armguard, Iron Helm ( a version of the Horned Helm minus horns may also be worn), Sectional Iron Plate, or Sectional Armor - a rusted Chestguard, is also a possibility; better armored skeletons get scale mail, in appearance like that of the Faded Vest; they carry old Wooden Shields and Iron Swords, rarely anything better. Skeleton warriors (Skeleton Knights) wear much the same, but more complete sets, and often wield a Lifetaker longsword. †

The elite Skeleton Lords wear a decayed version of the Chimeric Armor Set, but with something akin to a Tattered Mantle - their weapons are ancient Knight's Honors, and their swords are unique.

Spellcasting skeletons wear decayed version of the Wizard's Set or may wear rotted Hide Armor. † They wield staffs such as a degraded Wooden Staff or Favored Flower, depending on the extent of their powers.

Undead soldiers and warriors wear armor parts akin to the designs of the Heavy Iron Armor Set and Meloirean Armor Set, often with a dirtied Plated Coat, Chain Mail, Full Chain Hosen, or Riveted Coat. † They typically wield a Ferric Talon or Iron Sword.

Other natural materials

The Bone armors are unusual in that they give defense akin to a very heavy armor, with high physical and low magickal defense, but with much lower weight, striking resistance is poor, and the armor as a whole is restricted to either warriors or mystic knights, furthermore stagger and knockdown resistances are poor due to the low weight. The component pieces are the Barbarian Chief's Helm (as worn by Maul), and a choice of Bone Plate Armor or Bone Armor. These give good resistance to lowered attributes, and like many other armors worn by male bandits, has Dark resistance. The discipline-experience-multiplying Asura Armor appears to be made of some sort of bone.

Feral Cape and Lupine Veil are made from wolf skins. The ice resistant Direwolf Cape and Direwolf Veil are both fashioned from Direwolf pelt. Interestingly, the Direwolf Bow cannot be equipped by the same vocations that can use the Direwolf Veil.

Male and female armors

Most armors can be worn by either sex, and are similar in appearance; some can only be worn by one sex. A few items have significantly different appearances between the male and female versions - these include: all those with chestplates -i.e., Hard Leather Plate, Silver Chestplate, and the Marshal's Bracers - the female versions cover only the breasts, whilst the male versions cover the whole chest.

Female specific

Maidens set-001

Maiden's armor and accessories

  • Maiden's Set: a white and gold set with resistance to holy and petrification.
  • Summery Set - Summery Pareo with Summery Cowl: quality yellow fabric over garments giving fire, sleep and cursed resistances. This Summery set may be used by any vocation. The Recluse's Robe is a unisex upper armor alternative, with differences in protection.
  • Sultry Set - high quality red fabric over garments giving resistances to fire, torpor, petrification, and sleep.

For the more revealing female armors, standard plain cloth wrappings can be inappropriate or incongruous - the undergarments of the Cassardi armor and clothing set, or better the Fine Cassardi clothing set, are more refined. Even better is Silk Lingerie (or possibly Delta Guard) for the lower parts; for the upper the Leather Chestguard (brown) or Silver Chestplate (silver) give the least interference with other armors, whilst giving good defense.

An alternative for female believers in The Faith wishing to practice magick are the Nun's Vestments: a weapon such as Dragons Risen for sorcerers; Militant Dove and Divine Razors for Magick Archers; or one of the holy weapons, including Divine Axis for mages, should be appropriate.

There are a number of other full outfits : the Set of Lady's Garb, Set of Lady's Trek Wear, and the Set of Queen's Clothing. Of these, only the Queen's Clothing gives good protection.


The combination of Mummer's Wear and Minstrel's Band forms the basis of set for the budding troubadour.


Main article: Weapons.

A wide variety of weapons are available for each vocation - the weakest physically in each class is the Rusted weapon version, with the "Dragon" version being amongst the strongest. In Dark Arisen further weapons can be found or purified from cursed items, some of these exceed the power of the strongest found anywhere in Gransys or the Everfall, and add enchantments not usually found, including archmagicks on the bows and longbows.

A few weapons match a specific set, most do not.

In general the longer and further one travels from Gran Soren or Cassardis the better the weapons found, though there are opportunities to obtain strong equipment at an early stage. Most weapon sets have items of steadily increasing power and utility. There are also three varieties of Golden Weapons and Aneled Weapons for each primary weapon type, each one based on one of the standard designs.

For lists and descriptions of weapons of each type, including enchanted weapons, in order of power see : Swords, Shields, Daggers, Shortbows, Longbows, Longswords, Warhammers, Staves, Archistaves, Magick Bows, Magick Shields, and Maces.

Fashion Dogma

The nickname Fashion Dogma has been coined for the game due to the time or effort spent by some Arisen ensuring their party looks their best, often at the expense of best defense.

There are no restrictions on the wearing of armor and clothing other than those of sex, and vocation. In some cases, specifically capes, a mismatched cape will occlude or cause the removal of certain shoulder pieces (such as found on the Chimeric Armor) as they would be incompatible with the way the cape hangs on the shoulders. A good example is the way the Farewell Cloak interlaces through the crossways band on the front of the Coat of Shadow; a different cloak, such as the Direwolf Cape, will drape across the shoulders without interlocking through that band, yet it will remove the shoulder pieces on the chest armor.  

This change in appearance does not affect the defensive attributes of the armor pieces involved. Other than that there are no restrictions on combinations.

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† (a dagger symbol) indicates the armor set is illustrated in the Dragon's Dogma Design Works

  • Some of the more obscure armor sets were decoded with the help of the "Dragon's Dogma: Official Design Works" (Capcom/Udon Entertainment) (English language ISBN-10: 1926778928)
  • Though some armors have clear design as sets, many other combinations will still match well or even better

‡ (a double dagger symbol) indicates the set has been inferred as being a match, though doubt remains.

  • No evidence has been found for any bonus from wearing a fully matching set.
  • The armors are listed by style not absolute weight, as some high quality, enhanced armors can weigh as light as lesser armors of a heavier weight class.
  • Because of the need to provide a fully overlapping and protective set of coverings, matching armor sets are much more common among the heavier armors. As 'chinks in the armor' are allowed and part of the design of some lighter armors the need to make a fully matching set is much less.
  • The above lists are not prescriptive. It is intended as a guide to sets of armor matching only by design.

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