Arc of Obliteration is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of Arc of Deliverance that unleashes an even mightier blow and allows faster movement while channeling."

An advanced version of Arc of Deliverance.


  • For general details of the Arc skills and their shockwaves, see Arc of Deliverance.
  • Takes ten seconds to charge, like the lower tier skills - unleashing the skill before it is fully charged will result in a significantly less powerful strike.
Arc of Obliteration vs Griffin (demonstration)

Arc of Obliteration vs Griffin (demonstration)

Even with a direct head shot, Arc of Obliteration will not one-shot kill most large enemies (without buffs or periapts). In this demonstration a Goldforged Bitter End longsword, with a strength ring, maximum strength boosting armor and the Clout and Vehemence augments fail to do the job over several attempts to one-shot this Griffin.

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