Ansell is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A landscaper in charge of the castle grounds. He's serving time in the dungeon due to a certain accusation."

Ansell was a gardener in the Duke's gardens. Unfortunately for him one day he found himself within earshot of two nobles discussing illegal and possibly treacherous activity - as a consequence he found himself falsely accused of sedition and imprisoned in the castle's Dungeon, awaiting interrogation.

His son Tomlin is found in Cassardis in search of his missing father, unawares that he was under lock and key beneath the Duke's Demesne in Gran Soren. Rescuing Ansell forms part of the quest An Innocent Man.

If rescued Ansell may also testify against Fournival during the quest Trial and Tribulations - his account is perhaps the most damning of Fournival, and suggests that he was at least well aware of treasonous activities against the Duke, and perhaps even a willing participant.



"So Fournival is to stand trail? I cannot say it suprises me. I overheard him speaking with one of the duke's ministers... 'Twas a clandestine dealing, far departed from legitimate trade. A bit of smuggling perhaps. "


  • "Hard as Nails, annoying as .."; Whilst being escorted to give evidence against Fournival Ansell will constantly complain, pant, and moan if the party undertakes any actions other than walking directly to Gran Soren. If the party is attacked, Ansell will take no part in the fight; however he is completely unkillable by physical or magical attacks during the quest. Annoyingly for any bow based character Ansell will tend to stand in front of the Arisen, blocking their view; additionally unlike other allied party members Ansell will block and absorb any arrow based attacks, making ranged play extremely difficult.
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