Anodyne is a holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Invokes a magickal sigil which recovers the Health of those who enter."

Upgrades to High Anodyne.

In Dark Arisen, becomes Grand Anodyne with a suitable Mage's Ring or Band equipped.


  • In some scenarios, this regular form of Anodyne may be preferred over High / Grand Anodyne on support Pawns. Pawns will only rarely cast the basic version when the higher version is available to them, and High / Grand Anodyne have longer cast times. This can lead to situations where the Arisen needs to be healed, but the Pawn keeps getting interrupted while they try to cast the higher level spell when they would otherwise have already cast the regular Anodyne. Players may consider this before upgrading Anodyne on their Pawn, as once upgraded, this choice cannot be reversed.
  • A similar spell can be cast by all vocations with a Jewel of Health.
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