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An Unseen Rival II is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Enyoing your time in this crucible? The ecstasy of slaughter...killing as you please, all behind the sterling shield of duty...How gratifying to finally slake your thirst for bloodshed and destruction, eh?! Oh, you feel I have you wrong, do you? Then why plow onward? Why not halt your advance? Come now. You know the reason..."

Slay the two Prisoner Gorecyclops held at The Shadow Fort.


This quest becomes available on the notice board at The Arisen's Refuge immediately after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle.


An Unseen Rival II (quest walkthrough). Victory in 12 seconds.

A high level Strider demonstrating the easy road with Blast Arrows plus other boosts.

Travel to The Shadow Fort in order to confront the two Prisoner Gorecyclops.

Two normal-sized Cyclopes will be lurking in the rear area of the open field.

If the Arisen chooses to safely fire a ballista at the monsters below, climb the ladder on the right, near the entrance of the fort.

Once both Gorecyclopes are defeated, the quest will be complete and rewards bestowed.



A Gorecyclops trapped by battlefield obstacles on 3 sides.

  • It is possible to isolate and trap one of the Gorecyclopes behind the 2 easternmost wooden watch towers (there are 3 watch towers). This hinders its ability to rampage while being pelted with spells and arrows. The Arisen and party should lure it around the northern opening and then attack it safely from the west. A small wooden rampart obstacle prevents the Gorecyclops from escaping from the southwest. The wooden rampart obstacle is just to the right of the Arisen.