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An Unseen Rival I is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Can you hear me, Arisen? Even without a heart, our blood can still boil, our undying bodies roiling like storm clouds... We are butchers, you and I, and whatever pretense we might carry will never wash away the stench of blood and death from our hands. So let us not deny our true nature, but embrace it with a test of will!"

Slay the Gorecyclops in Soulflayer Canyon.

This quest becomes immediately available upon the first visit to The Warriors' Respite notice board, along with Echoes from the Beyond and Hope Springs Infernal.



An Unseen Rival I (quest walkthrough)

Starting from the Greatwall Encampment, slide down to the Soulflayer Canyon west entrance, take the left fork and slay the Gorecyclops on the bridge.

After accepting this quest, travel to Soulflayer Canyon. A Gorecyclops replaces the Cyclops that normally guards the rock bridge across the canyon on the first floor.

Defeat the Gorecyclops and the quest will complete. Be careful when fighting it on the bridge - the beast can easily send characters plummeting into the abyss below with its blows. It also has three unseen Snow Harpies for aerial support, which can grab and drop characters off the bridge.


  • There is a fairly high chance the Gorecyclops will fall to its own death with its jump attack, ensuring an easy win but at the cost of any loot. If you want the unique and potentially valuable materials dropped by the beast, make preparations to ensure a swift kill (e.g. bringing a Sorcerer with High or Grand Gicel).
  • Gorecyclopes are weak to Ice magick. For more details on fighting this species see Gorecyclops.