An Airborne Plague is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Soulflayer Canyon, some leagues north of here, is home to a great many snow harpies. And little wonder - the lay of the land works greatly in their favor. 'Tis a fair distance to travel, but you'll find no better place to train against creatures of the air."

Defeat eight Snow Harpies for a reward of a Beak of Gold.


This quest becomes available on The Encampment notice board after meeting the Duke in the quest Come to Court.

An Airborne Plague (quest walkthrough)

An Airborne Plague (quest walkthrough)

More than 8 Snow Harpies can be easily found near the Greatwall and the Miasmic Haunt.

Alone or with pawns slay any eight Snow Harpies. In addition to Soulflayer Canyon, Snow Harpies can also be found around Hillfigure Knoll in Northface Forest, on the road to the Bluemoon Tower, around the Greatwall Encampment and the Miasmic Haunt in the Barta Crags.

The creatures are weak to fire, but resistant to ice. On killing eight, the mace will be awarded automatically.

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  • Though the quest specifies Soulflayer Canyon, any Snow Harpies slain will do.
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