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Ambush! is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

Slay Your Enemies


Ambush! is a monster elimination quest which occurs when the Arisen stumbles upon a large monster or pack of foes out in the wilds of Gransys

Slay all the enemies to complete the quest.

Locations and Foes[]


Additionally there are some random events that trigger an 'Ambush!' quest:

See also[]

  • Leave No Prisoners - random prisoner rescue quests
  • There is a unique ambush event that foreshadows the quest Griffin's Bane - it involves a battle between goblins and Gran Soren guards outside Gran Soren's south gate, during which a Griffin also attacks.
  • There are unique bandit attacks that occur on the roads outside Gran Soren shortly after the Arisen arrives at the capital - the first encountered is usually the bandit Kent, followed by Lowane.
  • A band of bandit cultists track down and ambush the Arisen during the quest Nameless Terror


  • Leaving the near area will fail the quest.
  • This quest doesn't show up in the Quests Log.
  • Xone x256px (Glitch) There might be a bug on the XboxOne version of large monster Ambush! events where creatures hit near the moment of the quest announcement take massively more damage than they should, or are one shot. reddit - the glitch may be associated with another glitch that gives some items a glowing blue edging in the inventory display.