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Alethea is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The wife of Elvar. She is always preoccupied with one thing or another."

Wife of Elvar. She lives in a Fisherman's House on the north side at the end of the main street, before the broken gate. She shares the house with Elvar and her daughter Alita.

Alethea is both religious and supertitious - when the Dragon is finally defeated she suggests to the Arisen that her good luck may have had a large part in it.




  • "Clemente tells us to pray to the Maker, but I...I'm starting to lose hope, even in Him. The faithful have pleaded for the Maker's graces since the dawn of time, yet He oft turns an ear."
  • "We give thanks when our nets come up full, yes.. But I've yet to see prayer calm a stormy sea."
  • "I hear tell Madeleine took flight, but such is to be expected from a common peddler."
  • "The men of this village boast they fear not for the dragon, but I know better... It's sloth alone what keeps them from fleeing into the night!"