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Aldous is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Aldous Ludric Sorn is the loyal chamberlain of Duke Edmun Dragonsbane in Gran Soren. Aldous is sincere, trustworthy, and dedicated to the protection and well-fare of all Gransys and has high expectations of the Arisen.

He is charged with assigning the Royal Orders Quests by the Duke.

Aldous is a rather serious-minded and scholarly fellow and therefore appreciates Ancient Scrolls as gifts. 


Aldous can often be found next to Duke Edmun in the Duke's Demesne or occasionally wandering the throne room. Late at night, he can be found upstairs in the meeting room.

Aldous is introduced by Ser Alvert after the Arisen's audience with the Duke during Come to Court.




During The Wyrmking's Ring

  • "Salomet... 'Tis a name that calls up bitter memories. Time was, the duke held a council of magick scholars here in Gran Soren, tasked with ensorceling grimoires and trinkets. Salomet sat at the head of the council. His genius was unmatched... save by his ambitions. Once their research bore fruit, Salomet betrayed His Grace and fled with the findings. He disappeared, leaving the corpses of his fellow scholars in his wake. I know not by what design he would reveal himself now... Perhaps aught about this ring that compels him."