Alchemickal Set is clothing available in Dragon's Dogma.


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Core pieces

Alchemical set

Without the cloak

The Alchemickal Set is a set of matching clothing, arm bangles, and cloak. The set is good quality clothing suitable primarily for spellcasters, though wearable by all vocations.

All items of the set give fire resistance, whilst all fabric pieces also give poison resistances, the bangles give Skill Stifling resistance instead.

The design of the undergarments in similar to that of the other shirts (Linen Shirt and Blessed Vest), whilst the trousers are as the Cotton Hosen and Hemp Hosen. The bangles incorporate the same design of wristbands as the lesser Scholar's Bangle, and add coiled snake design for the upper arms.

The fabric parts are potential undergarments and cape for the Crimson Armor Set - when fully upgraded, the combination brings fire resistance up to nearly 100% and adds poison resistance to the armor set - making the entire combination well resistant to different species of Chimeras.

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