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Airtight Flask is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A container used to preserve materials. Place an item inside to prevent it from perishing."

Airtight Flasks are used to preserve perishable (and perished) foodstuffs and flowers, preventing them from decaying. The preserved (or "kept") versions have the same curative properties as the originals, and in many cases have the same combining properties.

Kept items are also just as good as affinity gifts as the originals.

The preserving process is permanent and cannot be reversed, nor can the flask be recovered once used.

In many cases a decayed kept item can be refreshed to an undecayed item by combining it with Spring Water - for example Giant Rotten Fish can be converted to Kept Giant Fish via preservation and reaction with Spring Water.



Found items[]

Region Locations
  • An Airtight Flask can be found in Cassardis between Aestella's shop and Iola's House, standing on shelves holding produce.
  • An Airtight Flask can be found near the tidal line on the beach in Cassardis.
  • Another Airtight Flask can also be found on Unusual Beach, near the cliffs. Of the three ways down to the beach, take the centre one - the flask is beyond the bottom of the stone steps, on the north side.
Gran Soren
  • An Airtight Flask can be found in the battlements of the Duke's Demesne, inside the ground floor of the northern 'Observation Room'. It sits on top of a barrel.
  • Another Airtight Flask also can be found in the Duke's Demesne: Take first door to the left when entering the 'Audience Chamber' which leads to the servant's quarters, then enter the room to the right. It's sitting on top of a crate.
  • Another Airtight Flask can be found in the Dungeon, lying on the floor of the first cell on the left. A Skeleton Key is needed to open this door.
Smugglers' Pass
  • An Airtight Flask can be found on the exterior area upstairs, near a campfire in Smugglers' Pass.
  • Another Airtight Flask can be found in one of the open basement cells inside Smugglers' Pass near the long approach to The Bluemoon Tower
The Blighted Manse
  • Located on the first floor of the Manse, in the corner of a room with a spiral staircase leading west and south.  
Bitterblack Isle
  • An Airtight Flask is located in the Ward of Regret, upon entering from the Duskmoon Tower, head west then north and round past the two locked cells, then when the path angles northwest, head left (west) into a hall in which the flask can by found on the floor on the right side near a pillar.
  • Also in the Ward of Regret, after descending through a hole in a wall and down a rough hewn cave, the passage curves to the west, proceed north to a T intersection and head west again where the path turns south.  An Airtight Flask can be found on the ground here.
  • Within Midnight Helix, by the wall at the base of the first suspension bridge, an Airtight Flask can be found.
  • Two Airtight Flasks can be found in The Warriors' Respite's First Level Underground:
    • One in a corner, in the area downstairs from Barroch, the Resting Bench and Request Board, on a workbench near a crate full of Throwblast.
    • Another one in the area downstairs from Barroch, the Resting Bench and Request Board, on a table next to the chest.
  • Three Airtight Flasks are located in The Arisen's Refuge - two are on a table near Barroch and another is located downstairs on a wall shelf near the crate of Dragon's Spit.
  • Airtight flasks can be found as loot from Corrupted Pawns.




Component to

Item Item Product
Airtight Flask + Scrag of Beast = Kept Scrag of Beast
Airtight Flask + Sour Scrag of Beast = Kept Sour Scrag of Beast
Airtight Flask + Rotten Scrag of Beast = Kept Rotten Scrag of Beast
Airtight Flask + Beast-Steak = Kept Beast-Steak
Airtight Flask + Sour Beast-Steak = Kept Sour Beast-Steak
Airtight Flask + Rotten Beast-Steak = Kept Rotten Beast-Steak
Airtight Flask + Ambrosial Meat = Kept Ambrosial Meat
Airtight Flask + Sour Ambrosial Meat = Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat
Airtight Flask + Rotten Ambrosial Meat = Kept Rotten Ambrosial Meat
Airtight Flask + Small Fish = Kept Small Fish
Airtight Flask + Small Rank Fish = Kept Small Rank Fish
Airtight Flask + Small Rotten Fish = Kept Small Rotten Fish
Airtight Flask + Large Fish = Kept Large Fish
Airtight Flask + Large Rank Fish = Kept Large Rank Fish
Airtight Flask + Large Rotten Fish = Kept Large Rotten Fish
Airtight Flask + Giant Fish = Kept Giant Fish
Airtight Flask + Giant Rank Fish = Kept Giant Rank Fish
Airtight Flask + Giant Rotten Fish = Kept Giant Rotten Fish
Airtight Flask + Apple = Kept Apple
Airtight Flask + Moldy Apple = Kept Moldy Apple
Airtight Flask + Rotten Apple = Kept Rotten Apple
Airtight Flask + Berry = Kept Berry
Airtight Flask + Moldy Berry = Kept Moldy Berry
Airtight Flask + Rotten Berry = Kept Rotten Berry
Airtight Flask + Carrot = Kept Carrot
Airtight Flask + Moldy Carrot = Kept Moldy Carrot
Airtight Flask + Rotten Carrot = Kept Rotten Carrot
Airtight Flask + Egg = Kept Egg
Airtight Flask + Golden Egg = Kept Golden Egg
Airtight Flask + Rotten Egg = Kept Rotten Egg
Airtight Flask + Grandgrapes = Kept Grandgrapes
Airtight Flask + Moldy Grandgrapes = Kept Moldy Grandgrapes
Airtight Flask + Rotten Grandgrapes = Kept Rotten Grandgrapes
Airtight Flask + Pumpkin = Kept Pumpkin
Airtight Flask + Moldy Pumpkin = Kept Moldy Pumpkin
Airtight Flask + Rotten Pumpkin = Kept Rotten Pumpkin
Airtight Flask + Twigbean = Kept Twigbean
Airtight Flask + Moldy Twigbean = Kept Moldy Twigbean
Airtight Flask + Rotten Twigbean = Kept Rotten Twigbean
Airtight Flask + Sunbright = Kept Sunbright
Airtight Flask + Moonglow = Kept Moonglow
Airtight Flask + Wilted Blossom = Kept Wilted Blossom