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Capes, cloaks, rings, and earrings all fall under the general Accoutrements heading, and benefit the wearer through increases in magickal defense of various kinds, from elemental defense to status effect resistance. These items can be found and bought all over Gransys.

List of Cloaks[]

Dragon's Dogma

A to C
Adventurer's Cloak Alchemickal Cloak Ancient Cape Beastly Mantle Conqueror's Mantle
Accoutrements Adventurer's Cloak
Accoutrements Alchemickal Cloak
Armour Cloak Beastly Mantle
Armour Cloak Conqueror's Mantle
D to E
Dignified Cape Direwolf Cape Dragon Knight's Cloak Ebon Neck Wrap
Accoutrements Dignifed Cape
Accoutrements Direwolf Cape
Accoutrements Ebon Neck Wrap
F to H
Farewell Cloak Feather Cape Feral Cape Harpy Cloak Heresy Cloak Hero's Cape
Accoutrements Farewell Cloak
Feather Cape
Accoutrements Feral Cape
Accoutrements Harpy Cloak
Accoutrements Heresy Cloak
Armour Cloak Hero's Cape
K to M
Knight's Mantle Leather Cape Lordly Cloak Magnanimous Cloak Mahogany Cape Monomi Neck Wrap
Accoutrements Knight's Mantle
Accoutrements Leather Cape
Accoutrements Lordly Cloak
Accoutrements Magnanimous Cloak
Accoutrements Mahogany Cape
Accoutrements Monomi Neck Wrap
N to R
Nebula Cape Paladin's Mantle Pauldron Royal Mantle
Accoutrements Nebula Cape
Accoutrements Paladin's Mantle
Accoutrements Pauldron
Accoutrements Royal Mantle
Scarlet Cape Scholar's Cape Shed Cape Shoulder Cape Swordsman's Mantle
Accoutrements Scarlet Cape
Accoutrements Scholar's Cape
Accoutrements Shed Cape
Accoutrements Shoulder Cape
Accoutrements Swordsman's Mantle
T to W
Tattered Mantle Violet Neck Wrap White Hawk Cape Wyrm Hunt Mantle
Accoutrements Tattered Mantle
Accoutrements Violet Neck Wrap
Accoutrements White Hawk Cape
Armour Cloak Wyrm Hunt Mantle

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

A to D
Adept's Mantle Blasphemer's Cloak Divine Embrace
Armour Cloak Adept's Mantle
Armour Cloak Blasphemer's Cloak
Armour Cloak Divine Embrace
H to S
Hellfire Cloak Nomad's Cloak Sovereign's Mantle
Armour Cloak Hellfire Cloak
Armour Cloak Nomad's Cloak
Armour Cloak Sovereign's Mantle

List of Jewelry[]

Dragon's Dogma[]

Rings / Earrings / Nails
Rings Earrings Nails
Blue Star Ring Benevolent Earring Baleful Nails
Dragonblood Blue Star Earring Barbed Nails
Golden Ring Cleansing Earring
Green Star Ring Dignified Earring
Iris Ring Exuberant Earring
Ogre Bone Faithful Earring
Platinum Ring Free-Spoken Earring
Premium Ring Green Star Earring
Red Star Ring Harmonious Earring
Ring of Amethyst Indomitable Earring
Ring of Argent Nimble Earring
Ring of Azure Noble Earring
Ring of Gules Premium Earring
Ring of Onyx Red Star Earring
Ring of Pearl Restless Earring
Ring of Purpure Sight Earring
Ring of Ruby Stalwart Earring
Ring of Sable
Ring of Sapphire
Rose Ring
Silver Ring
Violet Ring

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen[]

Rings / Earrings / Nails
Rings Earrings Nails
Assassin's Band Bloody Knuckle
Assassin's Ring
Bowman's Ring
Daggerist's Band
Daggerist's Ring
Daggerist's Ring (DLC)
Fighter's Band
Fighter's Ring
Fighter's Ring (DLC)
Mage's Band
Mage's Ring
Mage's Ring (DLC)
Magick Archer's Band
Magick Archer's Ring
Magick Bowman's Band
Magick Bowman's Ring
Magick Shieldsman's Band
Magick Shieldsman's Ring
Master Ring
Mystic Knight's Band
Mystic Knight's Ring
Preceptor Ring
Ranger's Band
Ranger's Ring
Ring of Desiccation
Ring of Perseverance
Savior Ring
Shield Enchanter's Band
Shield Enchanter's Ring
Shieldsman's Ring
Sorcerer's Band
Sorcerer's Ring
Staff Enchanter's Band
Staff Enchanter's Ring
Staff-Bearer's Band
Staff-Bearer's Ring
Stonewall Earring
Strider's Band
Strider's Ring
Swordsman's Band
Swordsman's Ring
Vandal's Ring
Virtuoso Ring
Wanderlust Ring
Warrior's Band
Warrior's Ring