Abyssal Riposte is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Darkcounter that persists for a longer period of time and conjures more darkness on a perfect block."

After a relatively brief incantation, enchants the magick shield with the dark element.

An advanced version of Darkcounter. With Dark Arisen, it becomes Desecration Feint with a relevant Magick Shieldsman's Band equipped.

Usage, Damage, Tactics

Spell Duration Torpor

power †

Darkcounter 1 min ~4x
Abyssal Riposte 2 min ~5x
Desecration Feint 3 min ?
Relative to a 3* Rusted Weapon
See also: Mystic Knight Shield Counters

Once enchanted normal blocks with the Magick Shield do a small amount of Dark damage, and may cause Dark Critical Hits.

Perfect Blocks (with the Core Skill of Reflect learnt) have a two stage riposte:

  1. Firstly damage from the shield Perfect Block
  2. Secondly a dark blast cloud - with strong torporing properties with a strong chance to knockdown. (With Darkcounter this cloud only debilitates or knockdowns; Abyssal Riposte adds dark magick damage as well)

The spells make performing Perfect Blocks slightly easier.


Unlike normal Perfect Blocks the initial riposte from a perfect block affects only the attacking foe, even if there are others in close proximity - the conjured clouds from both forms affect all in a frontal area of effect.

  • The power of all damaging effects from the perfect block and riposte include both total magick and total strength, using the shield.
  • Damage from a normal block is purely magickal, using total character and shield magick.
  • Critical hits have a high (>1000) base power and scale Core Magick only.

Critical Hits

Spell Critical Hit Ability †
Block Perfect Block Dark Cloud
Darkcounter ~3x ~4x 0
Abyssal Riposte ~4x >7x (combined)
Desecration Feint ? ?
Relative to a Dark Boon enchantment
See also: Critical Hit

Normal blocks, Perfect Blocks, and the shockwave cloud from Abyssal Riposte can all produce Dark Critical Hits. The dark cloud from Perfect Blocked Darkcounter cannot.

These critical hits are very unusual in that instead of always being dark magick they can take a different Element. There are specific conditions :

  • A permanently enchanted Magick Shield (such as Thunder Kite Shield)
  • Or when the Knight has had their weapon enchanted with a mage or sorcerer Boon or Affinity spell, or when they self enchant with Trance type enchantment. (Enchantment will replace any permanent enchantment on the shield for this effect)
  • A permanently enchanted primary weapon (Sword, Mace, Staff) has no effect.

In such cases when the critical hit strikes it will take on the other element - this can trigger elemental effects such as Stout Undead imploding (fire), or result in much greater (or lesser damage) due to elemental weaknesses or resistances.

Abyssal Riposte with a Lightning Trance enchantment causes Thunder elemental damage to multiple Saurians through Critical Hits (Slow-motion video)

Higher tier spells and perfect blocks are much quicker to cause criticals.

  • The new element does not imbue a debilitation effect, so infliction of Burning, Frozen, or Thundershock etc is not possible.
  • Critical hit resistance is still due to the creature's dark critical resistance (see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances), and not resistance to debilitations from the imbued element.
  • The dark cloud burst from Abyssal Riposte can inflict critical hits on multiple foes in a single strike due to its broad area of effect.


  • To cast the higher tier spells the incantation must be held for the casting to fully complete otherwise only the lower tier spell will be made.
  • ERROR!!! It is not known if the imbuing of a different element into Dark Critical Hits is intended behaviour.
  • (Glitch) In Dark Arisen transitioning between areas with this skill active will randomly add a debilitation. The next enemy hit will be debilitated on the first hit. For details see the notes in Mystic Knight Shield Counters.


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