Abyssal Riposte is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Darkcounter that persists for a longer period of time and conjures more darkness on a perfect block."

An advanced version of Darkcounter.

With Dark Arisen, it becomes Desecration Feint with a relevant Magick Shieldsman's Band equipped.

Notes, usage and tactics

Spell Duration
Darkcounter ~ 50 seconds
Abyssal Riposte ~ 1 min 50 seconds
Desecration Feint ~3 minutes

After a relatively brief incantation, enchants the magick shield with the dark element.

  • While the enchantment is active, regular blocks with the core skill reflect deal a moderate amount of dark damage in a small area in front of the knight.
  • Perfect Blocks with the core skill reflect conjure a cloud of darkness in front of the knight, damaging any foes in range, with a strong chance to knockdown.
    • Perfect blocks also have a chance to inflict torpor.
    • The damage inflicted may also cause a Critical Hit to the enemies.
  • The chance to inflict torpor and critical hits greatly increases from Darkcounter to Abyssal Riposte. Core damage is also slightly increased.
  • The riposte spell causes both physical and magickal damage - generally in the ratio of the caster's cumulative secondary physical and magickal attack strengths.
  • The window for perfect blocking is increased by the Prescience augment.
  • For more notes, tactics, and other details on conjuring and using 'parry' or 'counter' spell with perfect blocks see Mystic Knight Shield Counters.
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