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Abandoned House is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Abandoned House is located in the Venery in Gran Soren, not far from The Black Cat.

The shop was the property of a resident of Gran Soren who fled after the coming of the Dragon. It has two rooms: a main room and a bedroom, both of which are well-furnished and presentable. Two gather spots can be found within: a book pile on the desk in the bedroom and a pile of scrolls in the main room.

It later becomes Madeleine's Shop if the quest Chasing Shadows was completed. After the defeat of the Dragon the shop is destroyed.


There is a gather spot that may yield either Silk, Wool Cloth, Hemp, or Clean Cloth. Another gather spot at the rear yields either an Ancient Scroll, or Cyclops Tactics.



  • Note that is not required that you complete Guard Duty for Madeleine to set up shop here.