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A Veil of Gossamer Clouds is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"You are not the only one investigating the queen regent's plots. Her son, Regentkin Sven, has been prying also, and uncovered an intriguing letter that hints at untold secrets."

Quest Objectives[]

DDCHECKBOX Received an unfinished letter penned by Disa.
DDCHECKBOX Learned of a secret letter from Vermund.
DDCHECKBOX Found the delivered letter.
DDCHECKBOX Showed Sven the delivered letter.


[1] Mosse encounters the Arisen and requests that the he or she meet Sven in his chambers. In this instance, he approached in the Market Quarter in the evening. Mosse's encounter seemed to occur right after the quest Feast of Deception was completed.

[2] Head to Sven's chambers inside the castle and speak with him. He will give the Arisen a Unfinished Letter written by his mother Disa. This will initially begin the quest.

[3] Speak with Elena in her cell at the Vernworth Gaol Tower and deliver the unfinished letter. She will provide clues that Lord Phaesus is director of the Forbidden Magick Research Lab in Battahl.

Important Tips:

  • Elena won't be a prisoner until she apprehended. See the quest Saint of the Slums.
  • A gaol key is not required to speak Elena, the unfinished letter can also be delivered through her jail cell.
  • When visiting the tower it is recommended equipping the Marcher's Armor Set, to prevent conflict with the fellow guards.

[4] Make way to Battahl and visit the Forbidden Magick Research Lab. It located east of Bakbattahl. A good time to travel is when given the quest Nation of the Lambent Flame from Brant.

Tip: It is recommended to equip the Researcher"s Robe if available.However it may not have been obtained yet at this point.

Alternatively, the Arisen can run around and avoid/dodge guards so they aren't arrested. Quickly obtain the letter and then jet out of the research lab. The Arisen can also get arrested and will be sent to the Bakbattahl Gaol. The gaol has a tunnel that connects to the research lab. Remaining dressed in the gaol's Miner Shirt and Laborer's Trousers while re-visiting the research lab, it seemed the guards did not grow hostile, and was able to obtain the letter and also explore the lab thoroughly.

[5] Pick up the "Letter to Lord Phaesus" located in Laboratorium - Workshop #2 on floor B1F of the research lab.

[6] Return to Vernworth Castle, preferable during the day or wear the Marcher's Armor Set in the evening. Give the letter that was obtained in the research facility to Sven in his chambers.