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A Rude Awakening is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Your night among the Enlistment Corps was restful. Not so the morning: The Corps' lack of vigilance has invited a hideous visitor."

Accept Mercedes offer of a bed, but beware what the morning will bring.


To begin, speak with Mercedes at the Encampment and accept the offer to rest. Not soon after resting, a cutscene will trigger. The Arisen will wake to find The Encampment under attack by a giant Hydra. After the cutscene, attack the Hydra to drive it away.

Battle the Hydra[]

There are many ways to approach this battle - but the primary goal is to simply inflict enough damage to the Hydra to sever a head and cause the monster to retreat


A Rude Awakening (quest walkthrough)

Decapitate one of the heads in order to end the battle. Repeatedly shoot at one of the snake heads with arrows or jump up, grab on, climb up and slash off one of the heads.

One may strike the Hydra anywhere with any available attack, but the Hydra's weak spots are its heads. Either climb one of its heads and attack it from there, or use ranged attacks shoot to at the heads with a bow or with magic spells.

The Hydra will immediately be defeated if one of the heads is cut off. Oddly, this can occur without directly attacking any of the heads. Simply inflicting enough damage will end the battle.

If the battle drags on for too long, a cutscene will ensue where Mercedes throws an Explosive Barrel to the player to throw at the Hydra. The Hydra will swallow the barrel, and striking the barrel in its neck will instantly decapitate it.

Quest Successful[]

A Rude Awakening - Hydra Head

Once the Hydra is defeated it will retreat. A cutscene will trigger where the Enlistment Corps and Mercedes congratulate the Arisen on their victory. This will unlock the Achievement Getting a Head.

Mercedes will state that it is wise to offer the Hydra's head to the Duke and asks the Arisen to travel with her to Gran Soren.

This will start the quest Off With Its Head, which is required to allow further passage through The Mountain Waycastle.


For general info on battling Hydra, see Hydra.
  • On completing this quest the escort quest Off With Its Head can be undertaken straight away or delayed
    • Several of the people of Cassardis will have heard of the fight and will have something to say in the matter.
    • Additional quests at Cassardis also become available at this point.
  • Getting a Hydra to swallow a barrel is part of its Bestiary Knowledge - for more details see Hydra.
    • To delay the fight sufficiently for the cutscene to occur simply do not attack the Hydra .. however pawns may interfere in the battle so either unarm them, or lead them (using the "come" command) to a place where they cannot attack, carrying pawns as prevents them fighting.
  • It is possible to delay the quest forever by not hitting the Explosive Barrel in the Hydra's neck after the cutscene. However, one cannot leave the Encampment without finishing this quest.
  • Items that heal the whole party (such as Spring Water or Balmy Incense) will also heal the Encampment soldiers.
  • Ser Kestril briefly appears during this quest, blocking access to the Riftstone in the Command Headquarters whilst the battle rages - he appears after the Hydra destroys a watchtower.

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