A Matter of Myrmidons is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Upon arriving at Gran Soren, you decide to seek further knowledge of the pawn legion as you wait for Mercedes to deliver her report."

Learn more of the pawns by speaking to Gran Soren residents, and visiting the pawn guild.


This quest is obtained automatically after talking with Mason. He will tell the Arisen to speak with others in the city to find out more about pawns.

Learn More of the Pawns

There are two residents that can be spoken to: Sara, who is generally found at Fountain Square or nearby at Arsmith's Alehouse. She will direct the player towards Asalam, the innkeeper of Union Inn, who will suggest visiting the Pawn guild.

Visit the Pawn Guild

Go to the gate leading to the Craftsman's Quarter to the north of Fountain Square. Ser Camillus will then direct them towards the Pawn Guild. Take the road down the path to the east and at the bottom will be the Pawn Guild.

Enter and speak to Barnaby, the Keeper of the Pawn Guild, to complete this quest.

Quest Successful

Once the quest is completed, the quest Lure of the Abyss becomes available on speaking to Barnaby.

Pawn chatter

" 'Tis a city new to us, and vast. Shall we explore a bit?"
" "Begin with the pawns..." What could he mean by that?"


  • Speaking to Sara and Asalam during the subquest Learn More of the Pawns is entirely optional.
  • Mercedes states she will send for the Arisen. She however does not return herself. Her lines might be confusing as the player may expect Mercedes to come back herself although she never said she would.
  • Once this quest is turned in, players are free to explore the entirety of Gransys.

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