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A Lost Cause is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Somewhere in my drunken revels I seem to have misplaced my purse. I recall splashing about at our riverside festivus, but the rest is a fog. Should some kind fellow happen upon it, I beg they would see it back to me."

Acquire a Snakeskin Purse.


This quest becomes available at Arsmith's Alehouse after first entering Gran Soren in Off With Its Head.

To finish the quest, find any Snakeskin Purse and turn it in to Arsmith in Gran Soren.


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"These waters like see a fair number of items swept here from upstream. Perhaps one might find aught of interest here?"
(Deos Hills river fishing spot)

Snakeskin Purses are rare - though the notice board advert gives some clue that the purse was lost near a body of water, a precise location is not given.

Purses can be found rarely in more than one location, though only one place regularly will return a purse.

Seek out a fishing spot north of Gran Soren, upstream and west of the Nameless Falls, near the north bank of the river in an area of the Deos Hills guarded by Sulfur Saurians. This fishing spot practically always will yield a purse.


  • For other possible locations, see Snakeskin Purse.
    • It seems that pawns oft indicate a likely spot when pointing out that "These waters like see a fair number of items swept here from upstream.."
  • It is advisable to copy the quest item due to its ability to be used in crafting. The price to have a copy made at The Black Cat is 16,875 Gold.